Thursday, January 2, 2014
Happy New Skating Year 2014! (Waltz Jump Notes, New Technique)

Happy New Year!  2014 will be an exciting skating year!  I've set some skating goals and am already on the path to achieving them.

Here are the goals:

1.  Skate at least 3 times a week, more if possible.
2.  Do a waltz jump away from the wall.
3.  Do a toe loop jump away from the wall.
4.  Improve the salchow jump at the wall.
5.  Do a 1-foot spin.
6.  Bonus goal:  Get several revolutions on a 1-foot spin.

Whew, that's a hefty list.  :)

I had my first lesson of 2014 this morning.  When I mentioned my goal list to Coach Dee, she said the ONLY goal I really needed was the first one....the rest will follow the more I skate.

First we ran through all the jumps at the wall.  She said there's absolutely no reason I shouldn't be able to do the waltz jump away from the wall now.  I'm not even using the wall when I do it.  But for some reason it's a mental block thing...the wall feels like security to me, and once I move too far away from it, I get paralyzed and can't do the jump!

So Coach Dee took a minute to think, and then she had me do something completely different.  She had me start the jump a different way and use my arms in a different way, too.  I followed her instruction and completed everything easily.  Then she looked at me and said "you realize you just did a waltz jump away from the wall, right?"  I had to think about it...oh wow...I did!!!  Once my focus was on the new arms movements, and not my feet, I could do it easily!  My feet already know what to do, when I wasn't thinking about how I could potentially trip over my toe pick and go crashing to the ice, I was able to do the jump with no problem!

I was so excited!  We did several more of the same in a row and I did them all successfully!!  I'm not all the way out in the middle of the ice yet, but I am not within touching distance of the wall, either.  It's a good compromise, and this will build up my self-confidence so that I can eventually move even further away from the wall.  I really feel I took a huge step towards this goal today!

Here are my notes on the "new" waltz jump technique steps:

1.  Start next to wall, facing towards the back of the rink.
2.  Left arm at 11:00, right arm at 3:00 position.
3.  Do two counter-clockwise C-pushes, keeping arms in that position.
4.  Two-foot glide, bringing arms down so they are a little further back than hip position, slightly bent elbows.
5.  Keep left arm down by hip.  Start the left foot going at an arc.
6.  As the left foot goes out, the right arm comes up and in front, chest height, bent elbow.
7.  As the right foot kicks through, left arm comes up to balance, and right arm unfolds out at elbow for balance
8.  "Check" the jump by following through with hips as I've already learned, to land the jump.

The tricky part is coordinating the arms and legs, but it wasn't too bad and I'm sure with time muscle memory will take over.  I'm just so happy that this wasn't scary to me!!  It gives me hope for a near-future full-scale waltz the middle of the rink!!!

Bring on 2014!


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