Friday, December 13, 2013
2013 Holiday Show tomorrow!

The time has come.  The 2013 holiday skating show is tomorrow at 3:30 pm.  I am doing my 2-minute routine.  I'm the 3rd skater, so thankfully my part will be over soon and then I can relax and watch the other skaters.  

Yes, I feel ready and confident....right now.  Let's see how I feel at 3:00 pm tomorrow, when I'm putting on my skates and running through my routine in my head.  Let's see how I feel warming up on the ice during the 6-minute warm-up before the show starts.  

I have a LOT of people coming to watch me!  My husband will be in town (he works out of town most of the time), specifically to watch this event.  I have 5 or 6 friends coming, and about 4 or 5 co-workers, too.  I love that I have such supportive friends and family, I just hope I do well and make them proud of me.  

I also want to do well for Coach Dee's sake.  This is a chance for her to show off her coaching skills, too.  It's not all just about me and my skills.  She's the one who taught me those skills, so my performance also reflects on her coaching ability.  I'm sure she'll be proud of me no matter how I perform, she's just that way, and it takes guts to even be out there performing in front of an audience so that in and of itself is an accomplishment!

It will be such a fun afternoon of skating, socializing, and eating (the skaters are all bringing some food to share, potluck style, with us and the audience, after the show). 

I've been running over my routine in my head and I am sure I have it all memorized.  Now it's just making sure I stay calm heading into the waltz jump (If I rush it, I can't do it well), and also get centered going into my 2-foot spin (this is not a consistent move for me, so I have to "feel" it in order to do it right!).

Above all, though, I intend to HAVE FUN, SMILE, and PROJECT CONFIDENCE throughout the program!  :)

I will post a video some time after the show, when I can get a copy of it.

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Ooooo. GOOD LUCK . :-)

I'm sure you will be fabadoozle.
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