Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Costume is Finished! Whew. (Photo)

After two whole weeks of not skating, I had a lesson today.  Actually, most of the lesson was used for working on my costume.  I was afraid Coach Dee wouldn't like the way I worked out the costume, and I was also afraid she would sort of "overdo it" with adding a bunch of things to the costume.  Thank goodness (whew!) she agreed to keep in basic and simple.  Even more simple than we had initially planned, which is awesome!

The costume is a Middle Eastern belly dance style, consisting of a plain black long-sleeve stretchy exercise top, onto which a silver necklace is sewn along the neckline area, and onto which a silver coin belt is sewn along the bottom hem.  The pants are my regular fleece-lined skating pants, but with a silver and black shawl sewn to the top of the pants, so that it hangs down at an angle underneath the top.  That's it, other than a decorative silver chain thing that I'm wearing on my head.

We took out the turban I was going to wear on my head; Coach Dee said it was too distracting.  We also took out the burgandy vest I was going to wear around my shoulders; it just didn't look right and wasn't very comfortable to skate in.  We also decided not to use the zills, since you can't hear them over the music anyway...and being so new to performing on the ice, I have enough to think about just staying upright without the added distraction of trying to play zills in time to the music while also trying to remember my choreography and trying to look at ease and elegant!

So I'm a VERY happy camper with my costume right now!  I'm soooo grateful Coach Dee was open to keeping it very simple and easy.  There are still a couple of things that need fixing, though, which I'll have to work on this weekend.  The shawl fringe is a bit too long and doesn't look right while skating.  Coach Dee wants me to cut it at 1.5 inches below where it comes to a point above my right knee, and then cut the fringe all around to angle the same as the edge of the shawl.  Also, because of the way it was sewn onto the pants, there are these funny-looking "tails" of fringe in two spots that just need to be cut off completely.  I'm going to have to wear the pants and then have my friend Cat do the cutting, so it will be the right length.

The other thing I need to change is the front of the belt.  The original belt is just coins on a cloth band.  The big section of coins hangs down my rear end like a belly dance belt (well, it IS a belly dance belt, after all).  The coins don't go all around the belt, they stop almost at the side of my hips.  Perhaps if I were thinner, the coins would go all the way around, but because I'm NOT thin, there's all this extra plain material, which is fine......BUT!  At the very ends of the belt, at the ends of where it ties, there are 4 coins (2 on each side) and a couple of silver beads.  And since the belt is sewn onto the shirt, those coins and beads just hang down in a really funny and odd-looking way.  Actually, they hang down right at my crotch!!  LOL  Coach Dee and I were calling them my "crotch coins" or "crotch beads" today, it was really comedic!  So those definitely need to go away, since right now they just draw tons of unnecessary attention to my crotch area!!  Coach Dee had a good idea of sewing 2 coins each, onto each cuff of the long sleeves.  I also think that will look good...but I can't sew.  Not even enough to do that simple thing.  So I'm going to have to have my friend Cat help me again to get that done.  But I think having those coins on the cuffs will look neat.

And yes, we did work just a bit on the routine.  We ran through it one whole time without music, and then one whole time with music.  I'm still having some difficulties at the part where I need to do the waltz jump along the wall....I can't seem to get the timing right on that one....but we still have 4 more lessons to go until the show, so I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon.  On a positive note, the first part of the program is now coming very easy, even the front-to-back turn which was throwing me off 2 weeks ago.  And, the very last part of the routine, after the waltz jump, where I do 3 or 4 turns to get to the middle and then the flair finish is timed just right!  Yay!

Here is a photo of the front of the costume.  The back is pretty, but I couldn't get a good picture of it. :(

Exciting times!!!

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Ooo. It's all a bit exciting. You are so brave.
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