Saturday, November 30, 2013
I Miss the Ice
So, even with the holiday program looming quickly in just a little over two weeks, I haven't skated for the past 10 days, and probably will go one more day without.  This has been due to several reasons:

1.  Coach Dee was out of town all this past week for the Thanksgiving holiday, so no lessons this past week to force me to go to the rink.

2.  I've been fighting a cold/flu/laryngitis thing for almost 2 weeks now, so didn't want to overdo things and make it worse.

3.  There wasn't much skating going on over the Thanksgiving weekend, except public skating, and I'm guessing it's a zoo there.  Parents probably drop their kids off to skate for 3 hours while they go Christmas shopping or Black Friday shopping.  No thanks!

So, one more day off, tomorrow, then I intend to get back to it with a vengence on Monday morning.  I think I'll be having 3 lessons this week, to make up for no lesson last week...then 2 lessons next week before the show on Decemeber 14th. 

Thankfully the routine is all choreographed.  I just need to practice to make it smooth, and do a couple of dress rehearsals to make sure the costume works (I'm not sure how I like it...we shall see).

Now if I could just clear up this darn laryngitis!!!  :(
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