Wednesday, November 6, 2013
More Questions and Answers

Just before going to sleep at night, I usually think about skating.  I go over some of the moves, I try to go through my whole routine in my head, and I try to think of new things to do, or things I need to work on in particular.  This sometimes leads me to questions, then I ask Coach Dee at my next lesson.  Here are today's Questions and Answers:

Q1.  How to do a faster waltz jump without using the wall.  Skate skate skate jump.  Where to put my arms? 

I'm not sure Coach Dee understood I meant without using the wall, because all she did was have me start further away, take more skating strokes up to the wall, at a faster pace, and then do the same jump I've been doing (which I need to touch the wall for).  Still, it was good to try it.  My first pass was TOO fast for my comfort, but I did a second one with a little more speed than usual, and got it done.  When I go faster, try not to "kick" the free leg out, or to fling it behind me.  Concentrate on a solid landing with free leg at 7:00 - 8:00 position.  My arm placement was fine as is.

Q2.  Tips for the waltz jump away from the wall?  Are my arms correct?

Yes, my arms are correct.  Just keep practicing.  I guess there were no "special tips"!  Just make sure to rotate upper body as I push off on the left foot, right arm stays forward to "spot", and then lower body rotates to land.  Don't forget to pigeon-toe the right foot in the air, to prepare for landing.

Q3:  Can a spin be done from a backwards start?

NO!  (loud and clear! lol)

Q4:  Can I learn to exit a spin backwards instead of forwards?

Maybe, but not yet.  I already know what to do as far as shifting my weight to my right leg and doing a sort of c-push with my left leg.  But since I can't yet do the exit on one foot, Coach Dee said it just looks awkward and not very elegant, and to not worry about it right now.  She prefers me to exit the spin forwards as I've been doing.  (sigh, guess that goes on the back burner for now.)

Q5:  Tips for turning forward to backward with more speed?

Do more of a "wind up" prior to the turn.  So, when turning counter clockwise, get a good knee bend going, bring both arms across to the left, and think of an "up/down" motion when doing the actual turn.  Make sure knees are bent again after the turn.  Easier to do on a curve, so it's OK to curve off to the left while doing the turn.  I will practice this at various increasing speeds, maybe around the hockey circle for guidance.

We also ran through my whole 1:40 minute routine today!!  We even included the baby waltz jump near the wall.  Wheeeee!  I was soooo out of breath at the end of it, but I think it was more from excitement than lack of stamina.  It still needs work, but coming along nicely.  5 more weeks to practice before the holiday show!! 

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I wish I could see it Rene, will someone video it?
Posted by Anonymous at 05:53, Friday, November 8, 2013 | Link | |
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Yes, I will make sure someone in the audience takes a video and will post it here on my blog. :)
Posted by Noorah101 at 09:32, Saturday, November 9, 2013 | Link | |

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