Thursday, October 24, 2013
Lessons Twice a Week! (... and some routine notes)

When I first started out with Coach Dee, over a year ago, I was only doing 15-minute lessons.  I did that for about a year, then I went up to 30-minute lessons.  Recently I've had to make up a few lessons (my choice), so we did a couple of weeks where I'd have two 30-minute lessons a week, and we also did one lesson for 1 whole hour.  I realize now that having 2 lessons a week really increases my progress!

There are now 7 weeks until the Holiday Show on December 14.  I've decided to have 2 lessons a week for the next 7 weeks, so I can make sure my program is really, really good!  On top of having 2 lessons a week, I'm going to do my utmost best to practice the other 1 or 2 mornings before work at Oceanside, and also perhaps either the freestyle on Saturday morning or the Public Skating sessions at Chandler Polar Ice.  The more I skate, the more I love it, and the more I want to do it!

In today's lesson we worked a lot more on the Program.  I think it's going to be great!!  I just hope I don't get nervous in front of an audience.  My old belly dance days should prepare me for that, though...and I have to admit, I'm a ham, so I actually love people watching me (as long as I'm confident in what I'm doing!).  I want to make sure I know my routine perfectly, though, so I'm not struggling on the day of the performance to make it work!

The Routine will be set to a 1:30 piece of instrumental music, Middle Eastern theme.  I'll be wearing a costume which includes a jingly coin belt, a shawl over my hips, and a turban on my head.  Oh, and I'll also be playing zills (finger cymbals) during the program!!  It's a lot to think about and coordinate!  The Routine will also include the following elements:  forwards skating, backwards skating, 2-foot turns, forward crossovers, crouched gliding, forward 1-foot glides, a couple of 2-foot spins, and .... a baby waltz jump!! 

Coach Dee wanted to put a toe loop jump in there, too, but we haven't even practiced that one away from the wall yet, so we don't think I'll be up to speed on that element to be able to include in this year's show.

Yesterday I learned the beginning of a Lunge.  It doesn't seem too hard, so we might also try to include a lunge in The Routine.  Coach Dee had me stand at the low wall, both feet facing the wall, toes against the wall.  Then extend my left leg back all the way, while bending my right knee, so my left leg "drags" behind me.  The hardest part was getting back upright, but the secret is to do a little "bounce" before raising up, so you get some upward momentum.  I sure hope I can do these by the time of the program, they look very impressive in a performance!

Oddly, my biggest concern at the moment is how to end The Routine!!  I'm not good at stopping short, although that looks the most dramatic.  I don't want to just come to a slow glide stop, that looks weak.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe I could somehow get into a slow backwards glide, heading away from the audience (facing the audience), and do the backwards toe-pick stop.  It won't be very sudden or dramatic, but it's the stop I feel most comfortable with.  Strike a nice pose at the end, and Ta-Daaaaaaaa!  We shall see. 

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