Wednesday, October 16, 2013
I Survived a One-Hour Lesson

Today I had a full 1-hour lesson!  Last year I was having 15-minute lessons.  Earlier this year I graduated to 1/2-hour lessons.  I wasn't sure if I could last a whole hour lesson, as that's a lot of skating and concentration.  But it was actually GREAT!  It was much better because we weren't clock-watching the whole time, we could relax and do more of each element (yes, over and over and over again! LOL).  In fact, we ended up NOT having enough time to do much with my program, which was high on our list of things to cover.  Oops!

We did a little of everything, though.  Here's a summary:

Backwards One-Foot Glides:  Greatly improved!  I no longer need to hold Coach Dee's hands at all, not even for moral support.  I feel confident and comfortable, even though I still don't pick my foot very far up off the ice.  But getting better!

Waltz Jump:  Greatly improved!  I can go into the jump with more speed and keep it precise.  Coach Dee thinks I can do it this way away from the wall, but I balk in the middle of the ice.  But even next to the wall, if I keep the jump small enough, I don't have to touch the wall at all anymore.  I can go forwards, turn to backwards, then turn to forwards and jump all smoothly without touching the wall.  Yay!  One thing I do need to work on is keeping my shoulders and arms completely level (not dipping the shoulder as I do the turn).

Toe Loop Jump:  Coming along very nicely!  I can sometimes do the inside 3-turn without touching the wall.  The jump itself is looking smoother, without the hesitation between the 3-turn and digging the toe pick in and jumping.  I'm also doing much better incorporating the intro to the jump as well (skate left, skate right, skate left, right foot in front, 3-turn, dig toe pick, jump).  Yay!

Salchow Jump:  Still working on it.  I guess I must practice this one the least, because it's the one that I can't always do consistently.  Today Coach Dee had me trying the intro to this jump, which is skating forward, turn to backward, turn to forward, then jump.  Can't quite do this very easily or smoothly yet.  Will work on it!

One-Foot Spins:  This is where I made the most progress today!  It helped that Coach Dee went into more detail and explained that I should feel that I'm on a back inside edge with my skating foot.  I think she said this before, but it didn't click until today.  I have to feel like my skating foot is "going backwards" even though I'm not moving across the ice.  She demonstrated how it looks to be "forwards" and then "backwards".  It's a very subtle thing, but we practiced it a lot, and I think I finally got the hang of it.  It was too scary to try lifting my foot away from the wall, but next to the wall I did at least two VERY good 1-foot spin, with almost 1 full revolution.  I have to say, keeping that "backwards" motion in mind helped a lot, so a huge thank you to Coach Dee for finding a way to make it click for me!  I definitely will practice this more and more.  I reallllly want to do 1-foot spins so I can learn a camel spin and sit spin!!!

Then we worked on the program, which is still kind of hard for me in the timing of it to the music.  Definitely will practice on my own!!  But what a great lesson today!  I wish I could afford a 1-hour lesson every week!!  Wow...I'd be improving by leaps and bounds (and jumps and spins!!).     

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