Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Small Updates

Skating has been on and off recently.  After my last post, I did indeed have two 1/2-hour lessons last week.  One on Monday and one on Wednesday.  Prior to that, I managed to get some practice in one day at Chandler Public Skate (yuk, hate public sessions!). 

Last Wednesday's lesson was REALLY good, though!  My baby waltz jumps have improved so much that I'm consistently doing them away from the wall, without Coach Dee's help!  And they are easy...meaning I don't have to put as much thought or effort into them as I used to.  It was a sudden improvement, too!  She tried to get me to do the jump a bit faster, doing a few forward strokes ahead, before jumping.  I can do this by the wall, but I chickened out in the middle of the ice.  The baby jumps are much tamer, and I'm starting those from just doing a 1/4-side turn, which seems to work really well.

The other great thing is that we worked a lot on my program for the holiday show.  We now have 30 seconds choreographed, and I love it!!  What a challenge, though!  It's very hard to get the timing right when the music is playing.  On dry land, you can step out the beats of the music, but on ice, you glide along and you have to pace yourself just right, or you'll miss the beat of the music!  It's challenging, fun, and a lot more work than I imagined!

Off ice, I've been working on my costume for the show.  I have a silver coin belt, which Coach Dee wanted me to sew onto a wrap-around, floaty type skirt to wear over leggings.  That is not going to happen...why?  Because I went shopping for a plain black long sleeved leotard and a wrap-around skirt, and everything was WAAAAY too small for me.  Even adult size XL was way too small.  ARGH!  Why do manufacturers think that dancers, skaters, and performers are all tiny, petite people??  Soooo annoying.  So I will have to come up with another plan for the costume, as it's not going to involve a leotard or floaty skirt.  I'm thinking of wearing my black leggings with maybe harem pants (if they don't look dorky with skates on), a shawl around my hips, and then the coin belt over that.  As for upper body, I have no idea...definitely have to experiment with that.  I plan to wear some kind of turban-type thing on my head, I have the material and jewelry for that, so I think that and the coin belt will be my focal points.  I also have a silk veil that I think will look gorgeous floating behind me as I glide!  How to incorporate that with the music, though......something for Coach Dee to work on!

Since last Wednesday, though, I haven't skated again.  I hate public skating on the weekends (too crowded and very bad ice), and it's just sooo hard to get up early enough to go before work!  I think Coach Dee is off this week, so probably no lesson this week...and then 2 lessons again next week to make up for it.  But I really do need to practice.  Hopefully tomorrow and Thursday will be the days I can get up early and make it to the rink!

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