Thursday, September 26, 2013
Getting Back into the Routine of Life

It's so hard to get back to the routine of daily life after vacation!  I spent 2 weeks in Turkey from Sept 1 to Sept 14.  Today is Sept 26 and I'm still having a hard time!  My body clock is taking longer to adjust than normal (can't be age, right?? LOL).

As for skating, I had a lesson on August 28, before I went on vacation.  Then no skating or lesson for the following 20 days.  Had a lesson on Sept 18, and it was fine, although I was a little timid on the ice...but at least I hadn't really forgotten any moves.  In fact I did so well on the waltz jump that Coach Dee said definitely away from the barrier next lesson.

Then I didn't get a chance to practice at all, until I was supposed to have a lesson on Sept 25, yesterday.  but I'm still soooo tired in the mornings!!  I went from waking up at 3 or 4 am that first week I came back, to now feeling over-tired in the mornings and wanting to sleep as late as possible; I hate to even get up at 6:30 for work.  On top of feeling so tired (or because of it, who knows), yesterday morning I had some kind of upset stomach issues.  So I cancelled the skating lesson and went back to bed.  Barely made it in to work on time, and by 3 pm I still was feeling under the weather so left work early.  Went home, had some soup, and went to sleep around 5:00 pm!  I woke up for a while from 7:30 to 9:00, but went back to sleep and now this morning I feel back to normal, thank goodness!  Hopefully I'll be OK from now on.

Since I missed my lesson yesterday, Coach Dee said she will schedule 1 hour for me next week!  I thought she meant a 1-hour lesson (could I survive that??), but later on she texted me, saying she would schedule two 1/2-hour lessons on two different days.  Actually I was kind of looking forward to a 1-hour lesson, I'm sure we'd get a lot accomplished, although I'll be exhausted.  But really, either way works for me.  I NEEEED to get to the rink this weekend to practice, though!!  I don't think I'll have time Saturday, but maybe Sunday. 

I think I also need to get back to the gym.  I did so much walking and stair-climbing in Turkey, that I lost about 6 pounds.  I think these past 2 weeks of being back home, trying to deal with jet lag, work, skating, and some other issues, are taking their toll.  I need to find time to work out! 

I'll report back after my lessons next week!

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