Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Backwards 1-Foot Glides

It's been a while since I blogged.  This month is Ramadan, so I'm doing my best to fast.  Therefore, I'm taking it a bit easy on the skating this month.  I'm not skating at public on the weekends, I'm not going to extra morning freestyle sessions.  I'm only going to my Wednesday morning lesson with Coach Dee.  I don't want to lose my skills completely!

And, since I'm trying to fast, Coach Dee has been taking it easy on me.  We've been going back to some basic skills which will help my higher skills in the long run.  One of these basic skills is the backwards 1-foot glide, which I've yet to master.

So last Wednesday and today that is ALL we did.  I have to admit that this week I improved over last week, which is great for not having practiced at all in between.  Last week, Coach Dee was holding my hands firmly the whole time.  This week, she only held on lightly, then I only held her empty glove, and then finally she would let go of the "free leg" hand while it was held up, alternating back and forth as I switched from one foot to the other.  That seemed to work out great, as I could get the feeling of not holding on, but still have confidence while she's holding my other hand.  It also helped me focus more on getting all my weight over my skating leg.

As a final exercise, so I can practice on my own, she had me stand facing the low wall.  My exercise was to give a gentle push away from the wall, without doing any swizzles or anything for speed.  Just a gentle push so I was gliding away from the wall.  Once away from the wall, I was to pick up one foot and put it down again, then return to the wall and do the same on the other foot.  On my own, I can't hold the glide very far, but the exercise worked very well, and I was able to do that, alternating feet, without Coach Dee's help.  It felt great!

At the end of today's lesson we also did about 10 minutes on the Waltz Jump.  With all the backwards skating I'm doing, and lack of practicing, I'm losing the jumping skills a bit. .  It took several attempts to get a good waltz jump, and that's just a simple one using the low wall.  I did a few good ones, and then suddenly my left leg was staying too far forward on the landing, throwing my balance all off.  I would have fallen if I hadn't been right next to the wall.  Ugh. 

I really need to go back to practicing on the weekends.  There are only 8 more days left of Ramadan, and only 1 more weekend of not skating.  After that, I intend to go to every public session available.  During the rest of August (after Ramadan ends on August 8), there are 3 Saturday sessions and 1 Sunday session available.  There are also 2 Friday night sessions, and as much as I disliked the one Friday I went to, it might be worth it just to get even a 30- or 45-minute practice in.  Every little bit helps.  I will also have 3 more Wednesday morning lessons with Coach Dee.  And, I will do my best to get up early and go to any other morning freestyle I can manage (there are 9 available days).  Wouldn't it be amazing and awesome to go to ALL those available skating times, both freestyle and public??

I'm only counting up to August 30, because on August 31 I'll be heading off for a 2-week vacation to Turkey!!  Wheeee!  No skating there!  Coach Dee wants me to leave my skates with her to get sharpened while I'm gone.  I've never had anyone but Dave Kimmel do it, so that's a bit nerve-wracking for me, but I'm not using my skates anyway, and I'm guessing it will be OK.  It will feel weird not to skate at all for 2 whole weeks.

When I went to Turkey in 1997, I lost the will to belly dance, so I quit immediately upon my return.  I hope that doesn't happen with skating!!  (I'm sure it won't.)

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