Thursday, July 11, 2013
Off-Ice Exercise for Waltz Jump

I had an impromptu 15-minute lesson with Coach Dee today!  Kind of spur-of-the-moment type of thing.  First we did about 5 minutes of off-ice training, then 10 minutes on ice to practice.

The off-ice exercise simulates the waltz jump.  Facing as if my back is to the low wall, I'm to bend my knees, swing my arms, upper body, and head first to the left, then to the right, then to the left again.  On the last swing, when the left arm is almost straight out to the side, then step on the left foot heading in that direction.  Do 3 hops on the left foot, in an arc formation, to get to the top of the arc.  At that point, rotate 1/2 turn counter-clockwise, and switch to the right foot.  Do 2 hops to get around the rest of the arc, and on the 3rd hop, land with both feet on the ground.  I am sure this off-ice exercise will help a lot with the timing of the jump, which seems to be my most difficult thing to learn now.

Do not kick the free leg out!  For some reason, I started doing this on the ice.  I have no idea why.  It's a new error for me!  Keep the free leg close to the skating (or hopping) leg.

On the ice, we practiced this at the low wall.  Eventually Coach Dee said I don't need to swing my arms, I get enough "oomph" just taking the arms to the right and then left.  I did several good ones next to the wall (without touching the wall), and then Coach Dee took me away from the wall.  First I used her scarf to hold on to, then her glove, and I could do the jump without too much trouble.  But Oh My!!  If you don't give me that little bit of fabric to hold on to, I freeze and can't do the jump.  Soooo frustrating!!!  I know that she's not supporting my weight, she's not guiding me, holding on to a glove does absolutely nothing for me, so I have NO idea why I can't do the jump on my own, away from the wall?!  Coach Dee thought maybe it was a frame of reference thing, so she stood right behind me, as if the wall were behind me, but I still couldn't do it.

Anyway, the lesson was very productive anyway.  When the lesson was finished, I used the remaining 1/2 hour to skate around and practice on my own.  I still practiced the waltz jump a lot, but I also did a few toe loops and Salchows along the wall.  I did a few spins, both near the wall and away from the wall.  Did a few forward 1-foot glides, and attempted a few backwards 1-foot glides.

I am going to diligently practice the waltz jump off-ice.  I'm also going to ask Coach Dee if we can stop doing the jump from a standstill. I really feel like that's throwing me off.  When practicing on my own, I seem to do so much better when coming at the jump from a backwards glide.

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