Wednesday, April 30, 2014
I haven't blogged in a while. But I have been skating... a lot, actually! Still having my weekly lesson and practicing when I can. I've been making great progress with my jumps and spins! Just this past week, I've managed to take the waltz jump about 6 feet away from the wall. I no longer need to be near the low wall (where I could grab on if I needed to!). I can do the consistently near the higher walls, anywhere around the rink, where I couldn't grab on even if I wanted to. This means I'm getting comfortable outside my comfort zone, if that makes sense! With Coach Dee's help (she stood between me and the wall, forcing me further from it), I did the baby waltz jumps 6 feet away from the wall. But when left on my own, around the hockey circle, I chickened out again. But that's OK, Coach Dee is having me do just the 3-turns and getting the timing right at the hockey circle, then coming back to the wall for the jump, then back out to the circle again. One of these days, I'll just tag that jump onto the end of my 3 turns around the circle, I just know it! Another improvement in the waltz jump is that I can now do the "straight line technique" jump, and then do a half turn and go right into the "no hands on the wall" jump. It's kind of like doing two jumps in a row. Coach Dee didn't know I could do this (I've been practicing it on my own here and there), so she was really excited to see this! The toe loop is also improving, although still at the low wall. But I'm getting more knee bend and correct timing, which is making the jump more consistent and getting a bit more height. Same for the Salchow jump; this one is really improving on timing. I'm realizing timing is more important than I thought, so working very hard on just getting the timing of each step correct. It really helps! Also just this past week, I did my best 1-foot spin ever! Felt very easy to pick up that foot, not scary at all, and I got at least ONE WHOLE REVOLUTION on just the one foot!! Coach Dee and I were high-fiving and hugging all over the place! There will be a summer show on August 16. We are pushing to get that waltz jump away from the wall so we can incorporate it into my program by August!!
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I'm in awe of you. You rock!!
Posted by Sue at 07:06, Monday, May 5, 2014 | Link | |
So proud of you, Rene. Love that you are still pursuing your dream. WTG!
Posted by Rete at 10:08, Saturday, June 13, 2015 | Link | |

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