Absolutely Amazing Gifts I Sent Back Home From Australia

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Absolutely Amazing Gifts I Sent Back Home From Australia

Moving to Brisbane to be with my sweetheart was hard to do, but it was worth it. I knew how much I would miss my family and friends back home, but it was time to start a new chapter in my life. Around the holidays, I decided it would be fun to send everyone gifts they wouldn’t be able to get back home. These are the gifts that got the best responses – some great, and some hilarious.


1. Kangaroo Leather

You’d be surprised how many things Australians make out of kangaroo leather. They actually sell kangaroo meat in the grocery store, so it’s a lot like the beef industry in other parts of the world. You can get some really funny novelty items made from kangaroo leather – including things made from parts that only boy kangaroos have. I’ll avoid being too graphic with this one, but if you have someone who could really use a gag gift, look no further than here.

2. Aboriginal Artwork

Art is very important to the indigenous peoples of Australia. Aboriginal artwork exists in museums, but you can also buy newer works directly from aboriginal artists. I purchased a piece from a native painter that I thought would look great in my father’s office. He really loves history and culture, and he was thrilled to receive it. I also felt great to be able to support the local artists – the amount of talent this painter had was unbelievable.

3. Vegemite

I am personally of the belief that Vegemite is beyond yucky. It’s an Australian staple, but I’ve yet to find a single Aussie who claims to enjoy it. I sent some to my brother and asked him to video call me when he received the package. I told him it was like Nutella, but in reality, it’s fermented yeast paste. No hazelnuts in site. Watching his reaction when he tried it was priceless.

4. A Didgeridoo

My sister plays guitar, piano, and violin. She’s always been gifted with instruments, and I had to send her a didgeridoo to add to her collection. A didgeridoo is a traditional Australian instrument that doesn’t have many practical uses, but it makes some interesting sound. She’s enjoyed playing around with it when she practices her instruments.

5. Australian Wine

When I arrived here, I was surprised to find out just how much wine Australia produces. Since they have the land to grow the grapes and wine is expensive to import, they started making it all themselves. The wine is excellent – I’m particularly fond of the Shiraz. I sent a bottle of it home for my family to enjoy with Christmas dinner. Figuring out how to ship a fragile bottle was difficult, so I left that task up to Pack & Send. If your family isn’t big into wine, Australia has a similar relationship with coffee.

6. A Boomerang

Boomerangs are fun for the kids. Most of the gifts kids are after are very much indoor gifts, and I know my nieces and nephews would much rather sit inside and play video games all day. I sent them a few Australian boomerangs to get them outside and active. Not only is it a fun gift, but it sent a positive message about going outside to play once in a while.

7. Hand Made Dolls

My grandmother collects dolls, and though I’ve never been fond of them myself, I knew she had to have aboriginal dolls the moment I laid eyes on them. These are handcrafted, hand-painted dolls wearing hand sewn clothes. Every doll is unique, and you can only find them from the native crafters here. It was a little more exciting than adding to her repetitive collection – it gave her some variety.

8. Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps and beauty products are always fun. Depending on where in the world you live, local beauty artisans use different ingredients. A lot of Mediterranean countries use things like goat’s milk, and Africa is known for its deep cleansing black soap. I wanted to give a few of my girlfriends beauty products made right here in Australia. Eucalyptus has soothing properties, and you can’t get fresher eucalyptus anywhere else.


Of course, the worth of a gift is really in the eye of the receiver. When you see something that reminds you of someone back home, pick it up for them. You know what the people closest to you will appreciate, and your friends and family may be different from mine.



I have recently moved to Australia

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Hi everybody,

A british girl here, having recently moved to Brisbane, Australia with my beloved one!

(Well, maybe not so recently, I have spent some time here already - but that's for another time)

I will be sure to let you all know how it is going!

Keep the fingers crossed

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Absolutely Amazing Gifts I Sent Back Home From Australia
I have recently moved to Australia


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