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Here we go again

It seems that the Temping company may think that i'm a little too much to handle!

I guess I am upset about it, I see myself as a bloody hard worker, my co worker phoned me last night to say that she was called in yesterday but there was no word for me.

My meeting with said boss that time must had completly rubbed her up the wrong way, yes I demanded a pay rise other people doing less work than me for a different temping company on the same project were getting $2 more.  Her excuse was at least I had a job!  Come one be honest, you would be bloody annoyed if you were being paid $2 less thats $80 extra in your back pocket a week!

Well I am still glad I stood my ground and had it out with her that day, I have no regrets at all.  I took all that crap from the spa because I didn't open my mouth and this time I did but I may have got just a litte carried away, but bugger it.

There is an e-mail asking me to call the temping company and this is the goodbye and good luck one I know and I think she is dreading having to speak with me.  I'm sorry guys but I still have to go out with a bang, I'm going to still give her a talking to.  I can't believe she is portrying me as an unemployable for just sticking up for myself.

As an expat I have learn't that I have to stand on my own two feet and get a thicker skin I've said this over and over but it's bloody hard work living here.  At the moment I'm thinking it may be the end of the road for this expat life, I feel that at each and every Canadian job no one stands up for what is right.  What the hell is wrong with people nowadays!

My list of things to tell this woman are:

I was nothing but hardworking and you shouldn't have employed me if you wanted it any other way, I can't believe that you are portraying me as unmanageable.

I never started the wage war ********** did and spread it around like wild fire, she was the instigator of most of the gossip and falling outs and spread endless amounts of information about people.  Of course examples will be given to back up my claim.

Maybe I should have got on with what I was surposed to do and ignore everything that was going on/wrong.  The reason I complained was the fact that it was affecting my targets, is that fair?  Someone else was stopping me from doing a god job at my own tasks!

I'm not sure if this so called boss is going to listen to me, probably not lets be honest.

I've applied for three other temp companies lets see what happens, i'm just not sure what lies ahead but i'm homesick and miss our British working culture of hard working people.  I miss straight talking people, who don't arse about and tell you like it is.  It's nothing but endless riddles here, no one wants to know the truth they are too busy with their heads in the clouds or stuck up their own fat arses to even care.  I'm sick of the whole networking crap in order to get a job, here.  It really is that bad, everywhere not just the office jobs but every single scummy job out here.  There is no real interviewing process it's WHO YOU KNOW.

There is something to be said about our beautiful country and culture, we should be proud of it and I now feel that I turned my back on it.  Our families miss us dearly, and I feel I've been one big fat selfish bitch for coming here, at what cost emotionally not just myself but everyone.  I feel the experience has given me strength to believe that we did do it, we should be proud at what we have achieved.  I now beileve that you can do whatever you want in life, the world really is your oyster.

Will I ever stop telling people who have bad principles in working life or personal what I think of them, hell no, no way ........ why? because that's Cassie.  She will tell you how it is because that's who I am.  If you don't want to know the truth then sorry it bloody sucks, but I strive to be honest to myself and others each and every day.  I live my life trying not to have any regrets and this means general conversations where I think damn I wish I would have said that to major decisions in life.

No COUNTRY or PERSON will ever change who I am and who I am meant to be.

Posted: 04:04, Tuesday 9 November 2010
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Temping Job

So I rolled onto a temping job and it just wrapped up.  I was there from the back end of August till this last Friday.

It was a job for a document company, it was a big scanning contract to transfer a load of paperwork to PDF.  There were people that had to prep the boxes of paper so they were scan ready for the scanners.

I started in prep as did my fellow scanner buddy then we got moved about three weeks later to start the scanning work.  We were good at what we did so we got left there.

I have never in all my working life been teamed up with someone who has such a very similar working style as me, we were both a pair of workaholics,  we had no breaks and probally even only took a 20 min lunch because we wanted to get back into the scanning again.

We had a great laugh and I made another gresat friend out of it.  It was a very big contract and needed 10 people for days and another 10 for nights to get it done as soon as possible.  The trouble so to speak started when my temping company couldn't find all the people needed so understandably the company approached another temping place and brought in more people.

Can you see where this is going, yet?

So people got talking and one person found out that the other temping company were paying $16 an hour and we were only getting paid $14 so yes the shit hit the fan big style.

Everyone sent off e-mails saying how unhappy we were about finding this out.  The response wasn't good either our boss had to come in and tell everyone tough crap we aren't giving you a pay rise but me and my work mate put our foots down as we did more work than any of them put together.  Our targets were always over the amounts they wanted and the response was an extra ...............................twenty-five cents!!!!!!!!!  Yes OMG!

The temping company was also going to give us a pizza party for our last day, well that will pay the bills won't it?  May I add that me nor my work buddy didn't have one bit out of principle, it was like a smack in the face.

So this contract came to an end on Friday and a new big wig came.  We were told that another project was going to be lined up and would we be interested in coming back.  To that I'm not sure about yet.  Lets just say some of the other temps were very lazy, they missed so much with their work that it made it hard for us to keep on top of our own targets.  At times it was stressfull, they would miss taking off post its on paper and staples, we would complain but nothing would get done and if we missed it while we scanned we would be the ones accountable!

Big wig said while he was in the room to our then boss of the project it was amazing how they got the job done with the idiot temps which was a little insulting.   We even had to complain to our temping boss about the idiots they employed for this contract and how they should be embarrassed as a company to have employed them.   Yes, that didn't go down very well, lol! but it was true and it had to be said.

Me and my work mate overseed alot of crap that went on,  when they got another scanner in that wasn't watching what he was doing and doing it all wrong we pointed it out, same with the Quality Control person and a few others, they all got fired as what we said was true.  We appeared to be being the whistleblowers in a lot of areas in the end we thought forget it, if they can't be bothered to oversee their own contract and make sure people understood what they are doing then forget it!

So now I don't have another contract lined up, not sure if the temping company is pissed with me or is waiting to see if this company wants me again.  To be honest I'm just going to enjoy the week off for now, get the condo cleaned up again and relax.

Is there ever going to be a time I just keep my head down and shut up....................... but my guess is no!

Posted: 03:53, Monday 8 November 2010
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So sorry.........

I have been so really busy and have so much to update you guys on.  This is just a quick entry to let you all know that I will be updating this blog and believe me I have sooooo much to update you all on!

I have the whole sorry saga of the the spa to tell you all about, I have my new temping experience to inform you all on.

My god there is just so much to tell and I may have to update myself on where I left you guys.

I got some bit of juicy gossip when I bumped into my old work mate in Safeway.  If you remember way back when one of my first employments where I was being bullied by an idiot supervisor.  He said I had a figure like a boy and some other insulting crap that came out of his good for nothing mouth.  Well he finally got fired!!!  He He He.  It was a long time coming but at least it happened.

My new temping assignment has come to an end and i'll be updating everything on Monday so peeps, watch this space.

I'm back!!!!!

Posted: 11:46, Friday 5 November 2010
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Not the Best Two Weeks

These past two weeks have been hard, I knew it was going to be when I decided enough was enough at the Spa job.  It's a tough decision to make, but if you are really unhappy in a job I don't think you should stay there.

The ideal situation would have been to have a job before I left that company but things just got way too bad there.  Last night I was even starting to wonder if they had me going through the books properly, the reason I'm saying this is when you start a new employment you have to sign two personal tax credit forms when you start work.  With the spa job I didn't do that.  The reason that I realised this is because yesterday I went into the big City of Edmonton for an interview.  I'm going back into Temporary Office work (at last), part of the paperwork was to sign this tax form and I remembered having to do it when I first started my other job as well.  Alarm bells are ringing here, is/was there something funny going on!

So moving on, the interview lasted about 2 hours, she sat and had a chat with me then I was tested on Word, Excel, and did three typing tests.  One numeric, one numeric with text and the final one was text.  Well i'll be honest my typing speed isn't the best but I got a 96% accuracy rating.  The one down side of the interview was that she has to phone the Spa to confirm my employment, Ahhhhhhh!  I could have let the ground open up and drop me down the 12 floors of that building there and then.

I got so upset, I told her the whole story, afterall I had nothing to hide and still to this day I can say that I didn't do anything wrong.  It was horrible, I didn't want to slag off my old employer even if she was horrible to me that just isn't my style.  I explained to the girl that the boss made me very uncomfortable during my time working there and it was made even worse when I handed in my notice.  One of the nice questions she asked which said a thousand words was. "Does she have a high staff turnover?"  to which I replied "yes"  The girl then proceeded to tell me of an employer that made her life miserable when she wanted to quit a job.  She made me feel so much better.

I don't know why I got so upset, I just hate not knowing what people think about me and when you are trying to make a good impression it really matters.  If I get onto this temping agency I can kiss the whole of retail goodbye and at last be back in my admin role again working normal hours and getting a half decent pay!

They want to get in touch with all my past employers in Canada, which is fine.  I phoned my old boss this morning and he is more than happy to give a reference.  I also called my assistant manager to the other store I worked at yesterday and she was happy to do the same.  She even gave me her home number to use, as she was due to go on holiday today for the next two weeks, so that was really nice of her.

Lets hope that at last, after nearly two years of "interesting" jobs in Alberta I am finally going to be in something I truely enjoy.

I'm still owed some money from the Spa job, i'm not sure if she is going to try and keep it but i'm so very willing to fight her for it, afterall I have earned it!.  There's about two weeks pay, she paid us monthly which is odd here.  The norm is generally every two weeks so I'm waiting till the end of the month then probally give another three days for the post and if I don't see it i'll be sending her a letter.

This is one of the problems living in another country, you are vunerable and open for people to mess you about.  I've started reading up on employment law now, I think it's a wise and smart thing for everyone to know what their rights are.

Posted: 04:34, Friday 20 August 2010
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