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Hello, it's me.

Hi all,

Long time, no hear......

Yes it's been a while, but I'm on a very good road right now.

So lets pick up where we left off, after the whole stupid temp company I accepted a role within a really good company as their "photocopy girl"  It was a three day contract and a low sum of $$$'s but what the hell it's a job and something to do.....right?

Just been to the toilet now and just thought, "what a crap blog entry this is going to be".   This all happened to me during the space of over a year.  I can't help the fact that I was too busy to blog and I can tell you over .........what......... a few minites. 

What a cop out that is.

So basically I've gone from photocopy girl to admin assistant to Document Control Assistant to hopefully Junior buyer of a very important and successful oil giaint of Alberta!  to which may I add, I'm very proud to be a tcontractor of this project.

I feel that at my time of life, I'm very much acheiving my goals in life, everything I've ever wanted to be.

 I seem to be getting things on a silver platter.  To be honest, he sun is shinning out of my arse very brightly!!!!!!!

My outspoken attitute has finally found its right place at work.   So what can I say, i'm happier than I've ever been in a work environment,  I'm getting the $$$'s in pay and I feel that I really love the work i'm in.

I've had the chance to shine, and they have let me shine, everything about his company is great. 

I've truely landed on  my feet and I'm so happy and busy!!!!!!!

So lets wrap up, I got a three days contract which turned into neary a year. 

I have some other good news coming and alson some better $$$'remember i'ml a "contractor/temp" at the moment.

Posted: 04:48, Saturday 3 March 2012

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