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Federal Skilled Worker Class, Category 2 - On-going Timeline - nearly completed

My husband is a Chartered Structural Engineer currently on a renewed One Year Work Permit


Sent completed forms off 21st May 2009


Forms Successfully delivered on 25th May 2009


Forms sent back due to incorrect payment meathod, by personal cheque on 23rd June 2009


Forms posted off again with Bankers Draft 24th June 2009


Forms Successfully delivered on 29th June 2009


E-mail reply from Centralized Intake Office 17th September 2009 telling us we can't apply for PR this way  Silly me forgot to send in the LMO.    Begging e-mail from me sent the same day saying that I was going to send the LMO asap and asked them not to send everything back.


Cheque for refund received 6th October 2009 but no forms, now I have to fill them all out again!!!  Lucky I took copies of the last ones, hey.


Resent application 18th November 2009

Receieved the 120 day e-mail on 26th January 2010.  Woo Hoo!


Collected all the information and posted it off to London, UK.  In time for the 25th May 2010 deadline.


Received File Number from London 6th June 2010 by post


Medical requests received 12th May 2011 by post after we had sent an e-mail because our eight months were well and truely up.  I think we helped to push them along, don't just wait!


Passports requested then sent off 6th July 2011


Shiny VISA's in our passports 5th August 2011


Just need to land and get the PR card

Posted: 05:02, Friday 5 August 2011

Untitled Comment

Congratulations!!!! How does it feel???

Posted by Sue at 01:47, Sunday 7 August 2011


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