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Some Useful Information about US Tax

August 31, 2005 |

The US remains one of the most popular destinations for those that are looking for an adventure in the form of work and travel. There is so much to explore in the US, and so much diversity to experience, that the US travel experience remains one of the most popular of all the work and travel programmes available. Each state in this vast country is like a country in itself, with different laws, different customs and very different landscapes and climates. Thus, you can never really say that you have seen the US, only a portion of it!
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Be Careful What You Wish For

August 29, 2005 |

Isn’t it funny, there are people that spend time, vast amounts of money and suffer tons of stress to begin what they think will be a new life in Australia. There are people that are financially secure, will be mortgage free in Australia and things will ‘go their way’. They may however, feel despite what they have, they miss what they don’t have – Great Britain, family and friends.
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Apartment living in South East USA

August 21, 2005 |

Here in the South East we are blessed with hot steamy summers and mild winters, which could account for the mass exodus of Americans living in the north who are now making the move south. The latest census shows the population growth in the south fast outpacing that in the north. Consequently the need for housing in the south is growing and apartment complexes seem to sprout up in the middle of the night. Read More


What makes Britain ‘Great’

August 18, 2005 |

Going through the whole migration process I have found, you go through loads of different stages. Mine started off as ‘I cannot wait to leave the UK’, to being frantic about ‘making it to Oz’, money worries, right down to the sheer panic of the thought of being refused. They all boiled back down to a strong dislike of the UK. Read More


Destination Dubai

August 17, 2005 |

Dubai is one of the seven states making up the United Arab Emirates and it is located in the Middle East at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa. Dubai is a city of striking contrasts; it is an exciting destination both for travelers seeking thrills and adventure and for expatriates seeking a healthy employment climate and a tax free lifestyle.
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What difference a year (in Melbourne) makes!

August 15, 2005 |

We've recently been celebrating the first anniversary of our arrival and I'm pleased to announce that I'm no longer the stressed out mess who arrived at Melbourne airport a year ago! Read More

An Economic Comparison between the UK and New Zealand

August 13, 2005 |

Last time I looked the UK economy was about 30 times bigger than NZ. Factor in a x15 population advantage and the UK is twice as powerful per capita than NZ. The nature of the two economies is radically different – NZ is predominantly led by agriculture followed by tourism. The UK these days is truly a service-led economy and we don't export much 'stuff' as such. Read More

How to Buy Property in France

August 7, 2005 |

You may have already decided on a specific area or you may have a French region in mind, having been there on holiday for example. Finding a property in France is a similar process to that in other countries. There are many estate agents in France (agents immobiliers) who will put you in touch with people selling property. Alternatively, there are estate agents in the UK, for example, who have details on French properties. There are also many specialist magazines available for people interested in the French way of life. These publications offer useful contacts and property advertisements. Read More

Moving to Spain and Surviving

August 5, 2005 |

Spain is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations; furthermore the attraction of Spain’s climate, culture, beauty, cost and standard of living attracts record numbers of expatriates to relocate to its shores every year and the country already has an estimated 1.5 million foreign residents in situ. Read More


Credit & Finance Problems for Brits in the USA

July 26, 2005 |

How US banks work

Your first task on arrival is to open a bank account. My advice is to choose one of the big boys such as Bank of America or Bank One, not the ‘mom & pop [GB: small]’ ones or the credit unions. For the first 90 days your account will be ‘red-flagged’ — there’s nothing you can do about this but wait it through. The bank is waiting to see whether you’re just trying to cash a forged cheque [US: check] and run. This means that everything will take a lot longer to clear. The banks run a ‘bad boy/girl’ list called ChexSystems. At all costs make sure you keep yourself off this little horror, otherwise you’ll find it almost impossible to open an account anywhere. Read More