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Gorillas and Risk Assessments

June 25, 2014 |

A recent and very sad story about an uninformed vet working at a zoo in Tenerife set me thinking about risk assessments and contingency planning this week. Apparently, the poor vet accidentally shot a colleague, who was dressed as a … Read More

Statistics and Sunshine

May 26, 2014 |

I rarely trust statistics, and particularly those in articles in the press that begin with “According to the latest statistics…”. I know far too much about how ‘flexible’ statistics can be, and how they can be twisted and manipulated to … Read More

Be Careful What You Wish For

May 19, 2014 |

The whole concept of ‘Brits in Europe’ is a controversial area that I know many expats living in Spain get very heated about. Indeed, it is one subject that is a hot topic of conversation in many Brit bars … Read More

Expats and Dogs

May 8, 2014 |

As an expat and a dog lover, the way that dogs and other animals are treated in Spain often distresses me. As far as dogs are concerned, with the help from expats from other countries, much has been learned about … Read More

Top Ten Beaches in Costa Blanca

April 25, 2014 |

As we hear the name ‘Costa Blanca’ (White Coast), we evoke hundreds of kilometers of beautiful sunny beaches bathed by crystal-clear waters. And we are right.  Costa Blanca stretches along 244 kilometers in the province of Alicante and some … Read More

An Interview with … Penelope

April 18, 2014 |

Tell us a little about yourself and family. I moved to Spain in 2010, when I’d just finished University. I’d travelled quite a bit before then, and had spent extended periods of time in France and West Africa.

The Last Gin and Tonic

April 16, 2014 |

So what do you want done with your body when you have finally drunk your last gin and tonic? Yes, I know that this is not the cheeriest subject to read, but it has to be said and the … Read More

The Abandoned Expat

April 14, 2014 |

When planning a new life abroad, many expats forget to seriously consider the implications of disability, advancing age, serious illness and death of a partner later in their lives. These are all issues that readers often tell me about … Read More

Where there’s a Will…

April 2, 2014 |

Several of our friends have died this year. It comes to us all eventually; death, that is. As the old adage goes, ‘the two certainties in life are death and taxation’, and the death of family and close friends … Read More

It Was Just One of Those Days

March 29, 2014 |

It was just one of those days. You will all know what I mean when I say this, as we all have them from time to time. It was one of those days when something that might have been … Read More