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Expat’s Guide to Ramadan

November 25, 2014 |

The Muslim countries are marvelous and intriguing places. One of the reasons is their rich culture and colourful traditions. They hold certain hidden charms but also some perks that every newcomer should master. More than any other holiday, Ramadan … Read More

Five Important Things For Expats to Consider

November 24, 2014 |

It’s the dream of many people to start a new life abroad. Especially at this time of year, when the cold sets in and the daily commute becomes a wet and windy ordeal, we can be seduced by the … Read More

Teach English in Britain’s top 5 countries to emigrate to

November 23, 2014 |

Rightmove identified France, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Italy as the places where the most Brits are emigrating in 2014. If one of these countries is one which, like many others, you are attracted to move to, but you want to … Read More

National Income Shows Strong Growth in 2014

November 22, 2014 |

In the March 2014 year, New Zealand earned $14.4 billion more as a country than in 2013, Statistics New Zealand said today. National disposable income was up 8.2 percent to $189.2 billion, in current prices, in the March 2014 year.

Read More

Your Guide to Shopping Online

November 21, 2014 |

Since June 2014, the EU has increased the level of consumer protection for online shoppers. The new rules include: a 14-day “cooling-off” period to return items; enhanced rights to a refund; a ban on unjustified additional charges for payment … Read More

Boys’ Toys

November 19, 2014 |

I like toys as much as the next man. Be it train sets, steam cars, remote control helicopters, iPhones or Nintendo. Other, sometimes questionable, gadgets have also come onto the market in recent years, including devices for treasure hunting … Read More

The Atlantic Travelling Butter Dish

November 18, 2014 |

It all began with a newspaper article in the online edition of my favourite newspaper, when I came across a report about the evils of eating margarine. Yes, you have read this correctly, because I seem to have read … Read More


Rights of Expat Wives in the UAE

November 16, 2014 |

There are many reasons why there is a discrepancy between how westerners see the way things are handled in the Middle East, especially with many recent developments on a global scale and the rising of radical elements there. One … Read More

Employment Outpaces Strongest Population Growth

November 13, 2014 |

Rising employment is more than keeping up with our growing population, while unemployment has fallen to 5.4 percent, Statistics New Zealand said this month.

“Due to strong migration, we have had the largest annual rise in the population in 10 … Read More

Your Guide to studying Abroad

November 11, 2014 |

As an EU citizen, you are entitled to study at any EU university under the same conditions as nationals, although entry conditions vary in each country. You may also have the chance to do part of your studies abroad … Read More