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The Secrets to Success Abroad

You can spend months and years struggling to make a successful life abroad…or you can read these tips and find the shortcut to a happy and stress-free new life overseas.


Know what you are getting into before you get into it! Being prepared is half the battle. That means, for example, don’t just move abroad without doing research on the job market, the cost of living, the rules, regulations and permits you might need, and things such as the quality of life. Don’t just plump for a country on the basis of one holiday there, or something you’ve seen on the TV.
After all, your happiness abroad depends on having enough money to live, on feeling comfortable in the culture…on not getting thrown out by the immigration police! A few hours on the internet or reading books will either set your mind at rest…or convince you to think of another destination.
Better know now than later.


{mosgoogle left}There are three key qualities that make a great expat: self-reliance, open-mindedness and flexibility. Don’t expect abroad to be like ‘home but with more sun’. Expect there to be difficulties along the way — but not insurmountable ones. Be ready to figure out solutions, and to have the flexibility to put those alternatives into action.


Making links — both before and after you go — is a key ingredient. Before you go, you can find people who are already there to share experiences or to find job leads. Once you are abroad, you’re going to want friends and contacts. Self-reliance is crucial, but life is a heck of a lot easier if you’ve got people who can support you. This is important for everything from finding how to get a telephone line to getting a job…. right through to having friends to meet at the weekend. Luckily, most destinations have a thriving community of expats who can help you…at least at the beginning.

This ain’t no holiday

Sounds kind of obvious, doesn’t it? But you’d be amazed how many people are seduced by a sunny summer holiday somewhere and decide to up sticks and relocate. The thing is, it’s not going to be a holiday any more after the first few weeks…when you’ve run out of money, you haven’t got a job and you can’t find a dentist for your toothache.

So make sure you arrive with the idea that you are coming there to live — and all that entails: finding an income, finding somewhere to live, doing the everyday chores such as shopping and cleaning. The difference is, hopefully, you will living this life in a location you prefer, and which is offering you so many advantages and experiences you didn’t have back in your home country.

Look after your partner and children

Human resources managers in multinational companies know that making sure an employee’s partner and children are happy is often more important than the happiness of the employee themselves. After all, the main reason a stint abroad fails is because the wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend is unhappy.
The same goes for your children. Luckily, younger children often take to living abroad like ducks to water. They pick up the language and makes friends with an ease that puts their parents to shame.

Older children can be more problematic. Their education becomes more important — they can’t always easily fit in to the local schooling system — and they are likely to have more emotional problems fitting into a foreign environment.
So make sure they have support, and that they are happy. Because otherwise, you could be on the plane back home.

Moving on

Always be aware that you aren’t necessarily going to stay abroad for the rest of your life. Or you might stay abroad, but you might change countries. The bottom line is this: beware of getting stuck.

After all, you might have moved abroad to get out of a rut back in your home country. So don’t get into a rut abroad. Remember this: you can be free (to a great extent) to do what you want to do, to choose where you want to live. Maybe that’s why you moved overseas in the first place. Getting stuck in a country you are not happy with a special kind of hell. There you are, unhappy and in still not totally familiar surroundings. At least back home you have the familiar comforts of favourite food and TV shows.

So remember that every decision you make when abroad must lead to more happiness; not back to square one.
But whatever you do, seize this opportunity with both hands. It really is a wonderful chance to change your life forever.

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