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The Big Move – Ways to make moving to the other side of the world easier

The Big Move – Ways to make moving to the other side of the world easier
boymapBe Prepared
  • Scan and email important documents to yourself so they can be forwarded on as required, such as to property agents to accompany your rental application. At a minimum: Passport (with visa proof), Drivers Licence, 1 additional ID document (such as Utility bill or Credit card statement or Health Card). If you have children you will need to bring: Birth Certificates & Medical records/proof of immunisation status. Additional documents that may be of use: Proof of mortgage/investment apartment (useful when proving ability to pay rent), letter from your employer specifying your job/salary and contract term if relevant, any personal/rental or business references.
  • When packing up your furniture prepare an ‘Essentials’ carton that contains important items such as remote controls, shelf supports, bed legs, phone chargers and handsets and any furniture assembly instructions.
  • By doing a few simple things online before you leave will make life easier when you arrive. You can set up your bank account before you arrive and also transfer money in to your new account. Once you arrive you can make an appointment to show your ID and collect your bank cards.
Be Cautious
  • Check Storage costs rather than shipping everything you own. You can always have storage sent on to you if needed but you may be able to avoid undue expense by taking only what you really need. Bringing less items will also broaden your rental accommodation choices.
  • Always get at least 3 Removal quotes to make sure you get charged a fair price and be sure you check out the cost of Marine Insurance which will be based on the value of the goods you are taking.
  • Make your own inventory of what you are taking, photograph any special items/valuables and keep a copy of receipts with the inventory if you have them.
  • When it comes to your furniture arriving on this side hope for the best but plan for the worst – although you may be quoted a 4/6 week delivery time it may take a few weeks extra if your container is held up at customs.
Be Organised (or better still – let someone else organise it for you)
  • Relocation Consultants are not just for fancy executives. Their job is to help with your move to Australia and they can help as little or as much as you want. You might want a half day orientation of neighbourhoods so you pick the right one for you or you might want help finding you a home and help with the lease/rent/condition report. Or you might want help navigating schools and expert advice on getting a place at the top private schools or understanding which suburbs offer the best public schools. The time/support and peace of mind is well worth the price.
  • Once you have arrived and have a date to move in to your new home, one of the best services you can get to make life easier is a Valet Unpack Service. This service will cut down your move from days/weeks to a matter of hours. Services include unpacking boxes and putting all your possessions away to making the beds with fresh linen, ironing and organising wardrobes to setting up your computer, electrical and office needs. Highly recommended.
By Charlotte Sherston
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