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Teach English in Britain’s top 5 countries to emigrate to

Teach English in Britain’s top 5 countries to emigrate to

boymapRightmove identified France, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Italy as the places where the most Brits are emigrating in 2014. If one of these countries is one which, like many others, you are attracted to move to, but you want to earn money which you are there, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) could be the perfect opportunity for you to do so. While teaching isn’t for everyone, if it is something you think you’d enjoy, you’ll be happy to hear that they all have thriving TEFL industries. An average wage to expect in Europe is around €1500-2000, and if need or want this can be supplemented by freelance teaching at around €20 per hour.

It’s no wonder France is the top of the list for places to move to; the country a lot going for it. It has gorgeous food, it has warm summers when you can lie on the beautiful beaches in the south and cold winters when you can ski in the Alps, and it has some of the world’s best museums to keep you entertained while you’re not working at any time of the year. Teaching English in France revolves around businesses. They seek teachers who have a display a strong drive for working in the industry, and hold a TEFL certificate from a reputable organisation. They also prefer candidates who have at least basic French as this shows real passion for living and working in France, as well as making communication easier.

Spain is a perennially popular choice for Brits to move to, with the climate and scenery being key draws. It is also a great TEFL destination. There continues to be a high number of opportunities for English teachers at all levels. There is massive demand from businesses across all industries, private schools for students and young adults looking to boost their CVs, and English classes and summer camps for young children whose parents want them to learn while they are still young. All respectable schools require a solid TEFL certificate from a respected provider and some that specialise in teaching children and teenagers look highly on some training specific to young learners.

Despite the economic crisis, the climate and laidback lifestyle of Greece continue to draw Brits to its shores. While there has been a downturn in the TEFL industry since 2010, there remains to be thousands of private language schools which are primarily used by children and teenagers. The majority of native English speakers are employed to teach advanced classes for students who are leading up to the Cambridge exams. Most schools look for teachers to hold a TEFL certificate and many are willing to accept people with no previous teaching experience.

This popular holiday destination is also becoming a popular place to emigrate to. While very similar to Greece in terms of culture, there is a more prominent British influence in the country including the use of English. English teaching is of high importance in state schools which brings down the need for private language academies, but they are still used frequently by students preparing for external exams and by adults. These private schools are the easiest places to find work for native English speakers, and contacting them directly when you are in the country is the best way to get hired. While not all schools will require a TEFL qualification, the burgeoning expat scene in relation to population means that it can be quite competitive, so some training is highly recommended to make you more employable.

Like all of the above, there are numerous reasons why more and more people are choosing to leave Britain for Italy, not least the weather and more relaxed lifestyle. The different regions all have something different to offer, so it is appealing to numerous different people who are seeking different things. There is not a strong emphasis on English at state schools, which means there is a high number of specific language schools to make up for this. As well as in the major cities, teachers are sought after in towns all over the country. A TEFL certificate is necessary to find work in all but a few private language schools. Paid work is also available in summer camps and can be a great place for young teachers to gain some experience.

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