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Introducing Mr or Mrs Expat

Introducing Mr or Mrs Expat

British-in-LAOver the coming days and weeks, we’ll be revealing some of the key findings from the Expat Survey 2013 – the world’s largest independent international study into those living outside their country of origin.

Carried out by i-World Research in conjunction with a number of partners, including Halo Financial, the study quizzed almost 8,000 expats worldwide on their attitudes on a number of different subjects.

Today, we’re looking at the most common traits of those living abroad.

According to the study, Mr or Mrs Expat are likely to be married – or in a civil-law partnership / living with a partner –and aged between 56-65 years old (25.2 per cent of the survey’s respondents fell into this age bracket).

Somewhat surprisingly, 68 per cent of global expats are childless, while those who do live abroad with children are most likely to have kids aged between 11-16 years old (12 per cent).

Mrs Expat (59 per cent of those who responded to the survey were women against 41 per cent men) has been living in her country of origin for a period between 6 and 10 years, and the chance to experience a different lifestyle was her main reason for emigrating, ahead of a general dissatisfaction with life in her country of origin.

The hardest thing about relocating was learning a new language, while obtaining a work permit or residence visa also proved to be fairly tricky. Finding their way around their new homeland and getting used to the local cuisine, however, was a far easier proposition for Mr or Mrs Expat.

The Expats’ tend to think that the overall quality of life they receive in their new home country is superior to that in their home country (80 per cent agree), while the climate and scenery is also a vast improvement (72 per cent).

However, Mr and Mrs Expat probably don’t earn as much as they once did (48 per cent of respondents think they earn less, compared to 39 per cent who earn more; 13 per cent felt their salary was the same).

Mr and Mrs Expat are also open minded people, enjoying the different cultures that now surround them (85 per cent), making an active effort to recycle waste (77 per cent) and feeling generally satisfied with life (75 per cent).

So there you have it; a brief snapshot of the typical expat as revealed by the Expat Survey 2013. More to follow over the coming days…

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