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An Englishman in Dubai?

Dubai is quickly becoming the most favoured place of investment for many nations. England, Pakistan and India are currently in the list of the top countries making investments in the UAE. The matter that concerns many is the mention of England among the developing countries of Asia. One can understand why a staggering amount of investment is coming from Pakistan and India, but England, a country that tops the real estate value list across the globe, investing in Dubai is a matter that needs attention.

It comes as no surprise that the English are running short of land. Where unemployment is creating hurdles for the government in fiscal issues, the lack of housing units is further aggravating the economy for it is increasing the real estate value and restricting the people from selling. Per recent reports from Reuters, British house prices have had their biggest monthly jump in about 11 years in May. The housing prices have leapt by 3.9 per cent and have far outstripped the forecasts of a rise of 0.7 after two months of falls. The figures hail from mortgage lender Halifax, which claims that the escalation has placed a lot of strain on the Bank of England in keeping the risky lending at bay.

So what can one do if one finds oneself in the shoes of an Englishman? In my opinion the best option our Englishman has, in such circumstances, is to travel to Dubai. Dubai features an array of attractive employment options. The prices of the residential options in Dubai are far below those of England. The looming fears of a property bubble in English property market are almost non-existent in Dubai. The vigilant interest of the government in the property sector and the promise of a boost to the economy till 2020 can make one say that the property sector of Dubai is safe, at least till 2020.

What would our Englishman do if we were to tell him that he could get a good job with an attractive salary, a tax-free environment, and an exotic, luxurious apartment in one of the highest residential towers in the world in a city which remains sunny all year round? Obviously he would pack his bags and set sail for Dubai at the first chance!

Dubai is painting the most realistic dream for residents of most nations across the globe. With a little effort and the right skills, one can effortlessly drag into the physical realms of reality the Dubai dream.

The CEO of, the leading property portal of the UAE, believes that the prevailing boom of the Dubai real estate market is here to stay. Mr Haider Ali Khan sees the rise of the property market of Dubai to be stable, as there are vigilant laws that are keeping speculations of a bubble at bay. Projects are seeing completion despite any predictions to the contrary, and the investors’ interest is fuelled by the day. Investing in the property options of Dubai right now may not be a bad option after all.