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How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job Abroad

June 5, 2015 |

Looking for a job overseas? Websites designed to help people find work abroad can be confusing. Many employers and recruiters now hunt for new talent on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. This means it’s important to be visible. Medibroker … Read More

Career Networking Tips for Professionals

June 1, 2014 |

Getting a job in today’s competitive job market is hard but there are chances of getting a nice job if searched in the right way. With the power of Internet, people have started applying online for jobs rather than going … Read More

Four Professional Careers in Which international Applicants Can Succeed

March 26, 2013 |

Is it hard to find work abroad? Depends on which way you look at it. With less knowledge of the local language and systems than everyone else, as well as fewer connections, you’ll often find yourself sent straight to the back of the queue at the job office. Don’t cancel your plane tickets yet, however – as a sophisticated, cosmopolitan citizen of the world, there’s plenty you can offer that will outweigh these disadvantages. Read More

Setting Up an Online Business Abroad: 10 Tips for Success

July 19, 2012 |

Traveling abroad and setting up an online business may seem like the stuff of dreams for many people””but the truth is it has never been more achievable. Writers, designers, teachers, entrepreneurs, marketers, PAs””they are all out there already, based in apartments in Beijing and beach huts in Mozambique, earning a living in the most liberating way possible. Fancy doing something similar yourself? As someone who has been making a living overseas for over half a decade, here are a few tips to get you started. Read More

Five Things You Should Do To Prepare For Working Abroad

September 22, 2011 |

According to the Institute for Public Policy Research, approximately 5.5 million British expats currently live abroad and a further 2,000 continue to move away from the UK each week. Many people move abroad in search of work, but there are some key things you should do before you make the move. Read More

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

January 20, 2010 |

You can find schools teaching English in ever country and many of them employ native English speakers to do the work. There are thousands of English teachers in every corner of the world and still many jobs available for newcomers. This article introduces the subject and will give you a good idea of what you need to get started in the industry. Read More

Video and Telephone Interviews – The modern way to interview

September 26, 2006 |

Choosing to move overseas can be a very exciting decision! But what’s the next step?  Imagine not even being in the same room as the interviewer or being able to shake their hand! Read this article by Think Global Recruitment on the do's and don'ts of video and telephone interviewing. Read More


September 7, 2006 |

Last year we finally ended our journey with the U.S Citizenship & Immigration service. Looking back at the trip we had taken to reach this point, I initially thought that by moving to America I'd given up the chance of advancing my career, as it turned out that was not the case. I ended up finding out I had hidden job skills yet to be discovered! Read More

Evaluating Job Offers for Teaching Abroad

November 1, 2005 |

You have decided on teaching abroad so you are off on the job hunt. Aside from the obvious considerations such as what country to work in and what training/qualifications to obtain; there are other things a teachers should consider when looking at potential job offers. Read More

Ex-Career Woman?

September 23, 2005 |

Are you an ex-career woman living in a new country?  Were you once a successful, professional woman who had a significant status level and received adequate remuneration for your work? Have you re-located to a new country where the educational degree you worked so hard to achieve is neither recognized nor considered valid? As a result, have you now settled for a job for which you are overqualified and living paycheck to paycheck?

Read More