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Useful Job Hunting Tips for Expats moving to Australia

Useful Job Hunting Tips for Expats moving to Australia

australian_flagSo you’re looking for work in Australia, fortunately unemployment in Australia is at a very low 6.10%, one of the lowest in the world riding off the wave of a solid economy and significant foreign investment. With unemployment levels expected to remain low, there are substantial employment prospects for people from overseas considering their next career move. However the Australian labour market can be very competitive, how swiftly you finding a job will be subject to many variables but you can certainly help yourself by heeding these tips.

Look in the right places

Decide on the city in which you wish to live and work, and the visa for which you are going to apply. Create a budget for relocation and a schedule for your move to Australia.

Are you qualified?

Unfortunately there’s no single authority in Australia which assesses or recognises all overseas qualifications. It’ll depend on your occupation and where you wish to move as to who will assess your qualifications. It’s important that you have your work qualifications evaluated by the appropriate Australian authority so that you can hit the ground running in your search for a job. If you are in healthcare (including nurses, midwives, and dental practitioners) and you wish to practice in Australia, you’ll need to register with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulations Agency.

Do your research

Research potential employers, read their websites in depth and learn their strategies and structure, get familiar with their financials, know their share prices. Ask your recruitment agent for a list of the prospective employer’s usual interview questions. Register with agencies before you leave and make sure you speak to an agent on the phone. They will be your connection to the company so it’s important that you have a good relationship with them from the start.

Learn the language

When applying for Australian jobs use the lingo and the phrases that are used in the advertisement or on the employer’s website.


Networking is big in Australia and is an excellent way to get the word out that you’re looking for a job, expat forums are a great way to do this. Many employers in Australia are expats themselves and frequenting such places may help you meet the right people. You can also look for UK Expat groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and find Australian groups related to your specific industry.

Important documents

Before working in Australia you need to obtain an Australian Tax File Number. Go to the Australia Tax Office website and apply online.

Transferring Money

Before moving don’t get caught out by poor exchange rates, when it comes to moving your money go with the experts. Currency brokers specialise in buying and selling currency and nothing else, unlike the bank. As a result brokers tend to take a smaller margin, so you save money on your transfers.

Article written by Sarah Dennis Account Manager at World First Foreign Exchange
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