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Our First Year In Perth

May 16, 2006 |

We’ve been here for a year and boy has it flown by! We arrived on a temp visa because my husband was offered a job. I’m a nurse and we were thinking of applying for PR before he got the job offer, but hubby applied for the job, (not expecting to get it), and was offered it December 2004. We had already sold the house as we going to move whether we went to Australia or not. We moved into a furnished rental at the beginning of Feb and the visa came through the end of March. Read More

16 months and still happy

April 18, 2006 |

Well, it’s been 9 months since I last took the time to look in on expats, I guess that’s a good sign that we are happy and embracing our new life! We are living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland and despite it taking over a year to find permanent work and spending most of our hard earned pounds, struggling to make good friends, and missing people at home more than I dared imagine, life is pretty damn good! Read More

5 Months in Oz

March 28, 2006 |

"The Aussies we have met are fantastic, so friendly and welcoming. There is also a large ex-pat community here so it is very hard to feel homesick. We have met a number of people who I am sure will become lifelong friends."
British Expats member Ady Whit describes his first 5 months in Australia.
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Our Move to Oz

March 7, 2006 |

I haven’t often posted on the forum section of this site but have used it many times in the early days of visa application and found it a great help, so thought I would write a few lines about our experiences to help out those who are awaiting their visas.
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A Melbourne Year

January 5, 2006 |

Well its hard to believe but we have now been in Melbourne for a year! Here's how it happened…… We started looking into the possibility of making the move to Australia in February 2003…….

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Australia’s Investment Potential

December 6, 2005 |

Whether you are looking at a managed fund for shares or wanting to explore a full range of investment options, such as property, resorts or new business ventures, Australia is rated internationally as a desirable investment destination. Read More

Australia’s Undiscovered Jewel

December 5, 2005 |

Bunbury and the South West area of Western Australia (or WA) is one of the world's great places to live, with a Mediterranean climate, sandy-white beaches, beautiful native forests and all the infrastructure expected of a modern western society. Bunbury is the major city in WA's South West region, that is also home to other centres such as Busselton, Margaret River, Donnybrook, Manjimup, Augusta, Pemberton, Collie, Harvey and Bridgetown. Read More

Brisbane Reccy Trip and thoughts of Oz

December 1, 2005 |

I went out to Brisbane at the end of March to do a reccy trip. Visa app was with DIMIA (wife’s a nurse). Stayed in Oz for 2 weeks. Flew with Emirates – no problems there or back, though a bit hectic transferring at Dubai airport with only 1 hr between flights. It did catch me out when they announced the plane was landing at Singapore (no mention of this on the travel tickets from Thomas Cook). Stayed in the Bayside area (South Brissie) with friends and spent most of the time either viewing houses, schools, suburbs or beauty spots. Read More

Calculating the Cost of Setting Up in Australia

November 25, 2005 |

Our first three months in Australia were bliss. We were living in between two worlds; Switzerland and all the long hours commuting, expenses and past stress was behind us and Australia with the reality of integrating here and setting up our new life somewhere “˜out there’ in front.

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Getting a Job Sponsored Visa to Australia or Finding a Job once there

November 22, 2005 |

Having chosen to do what is known as skilled migration, my husband and I enlisted an immigration agent to submit our visa application. In enlisting the help of an agent only to advise us and submit our application for a visa, we did a very independent move. The process cost 5000$AU and took two years and once we got here the real work of finding a job started.

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