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Historic Milestone for Australian Citizenship Day 2014

Historic Milestone for Australian Citizenship Day 2014

australian_flagTuesday, 16 September 2014

Joint Media Release with The Hon. Scott Morrison – Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and Senator the Hon. Michaelia Cash Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

A special citizenship ceremony will be staged in the same venue where the first ceremony was held in 1949, as part of nationwide celebrations to mark Australian Citizenship Day tomorrow, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the Hon Scott Morrison and Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash said today.

The ceremony at Canberra’s Albert Hall tomorrow, presided over by the Governor-General, is part of events across the country to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Australian citizenship, which will see some 5 000 people become Australia’s newest citizens.

Minister Morrison said Australian Citizenship Day was an important opportunity for all Australian citizens to celebrate their citizenship.

‘Since the introduction of the Australian Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 just over 65 years ago, we have welcomed more than four and half million new citizens from some 200 countries and 5 027 more will officially join the Australian family tomorrow,’ Minister Morrison said.

Australia’s newest citizens are from 123 different nations including India, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, South Africa and China. They will have their citizenship conferred at 93 different ceremonies around Australia. During citizenship celebrations across the month of September, some 13 500 people will become citizens.

Among those making the pledge at the Canberra ceremony will be Morris Carpenter, originally from the UK, who migrated from Ghana with his wife Joanne and two Kenyan-born children Owen (aged 11) and Ellen (aged 9) after 10 years living and working in Africa.

‘We decided we wanted to stay permanently soon after coming here. Becoming Australian citizens means our children can grow up in a country we like very much and enjoy all the wonderful opportunities it gives them,’ Mr Carpenter said.

Other major citizenship ceremonies taking place around Australia include two back-to-back events at Port Adelaide Football Club in South Australia involving 560 new citizens, a ceremony for 200 people at Sydney’s Rockdale Town Hall, and events at the State Library of Western Australia and Government House in both Hobart and Darwin plus dozens of special local government ceremonies in Queensland, Victoria and around the country.

Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, said those taking the pledge are great examples of how Australia’s migration program has benefitted and enriched the Australian community.

‘Among those becoming Australian citizens tomorrow are surgeons, research scientists and many others who make such a valuable contribution to our community. Australian Citizenship Day gives us the opportunity not only to share our common bond but to value both the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship,’ Minister Cash said.

New citizens are encouraged to share their citizenship story on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #AusPledge.

Statistics for Australian Citizenship Day ceremonies

September 17

  • 5 027 people expected to be conferred
  • 123 countries
  • 93 ceremonies

New South Wales

  • People – 1 151
  • Ceremonies – 25
  • Countries – 81

Northern Territory

  • People – 170
  • Ceremonies – 3
  • Countries – 38


  • People – 1 098
  • Ceremonies – 17
  • Countries – 72

South Australia

  • People – 757
  • Ceremonies – 9
  • Countries – 67


  • People – 74
  • Ceremonies – 3
  • Countries – 20


  • People – 991
  • Ceremonies – 18
  • Countries – 86

Western Australia

  • People – 714
  • Ceremonies – 17
  • Countries – 67

Australian Capital Territory

  • People – 72
  • Ceremonies – 1
  • Countries – 34