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An Interview with …. Sue in Australia

An Interview with …. Sue in Australia

Nothing can help more whilst in the middle of a migration adventure than reading the first hand experience of those that have gone before you. Continuing our series of interviews, Sue answers our questions on how she and her family settled in Queensland, Australia and tells us about their new lives.

Tell us a little about yourself and family.

There’s myself, my husband Chris and 2 children aged 9 and 6. I am a personal carer for the elderly and Chris is a waterproofer.

What were your reasons for moving to Australia?

Slower pace of life, Outdoor living, Warmer Climate, Better place for our children to grow up in.

How long did the emigration process take?

A 136 Visa -1 year, but it did take some time before that getting all the paperwork and references together.

In which state do you live in?

Queensland – Gold Coast.

In your opinion what are the biggest differences between Australia and the UK?

The climate has made such a huge difference, having the opportunity to go out and about so much. Also the pace of life, everything feels so calm, slower and happier here.

What are some of the things you enjoy most about Australia?

Its so diverse, so much to do and very child friendly great beaches and perfect weather.

What, if any, are the things you dislike about living in Australia?

Expensive health care and dentist, especially for children if they need orthodontist work.
Early dark nights, also drivers cutting in and sitting right up your rear end…happens all the time!

What do you miss most now you are no longer living in the UK?

Family, friends and at first familiarity.

How badly, if at all, has homesickness affected you?

Hardly at all, my husband has felt it a little more….not enough to want to go back.

If you or your spouse work how easy was it to find employment?

Very easy for us both.

How does the work environment differ from the UK?

Lower wages, apart from that everything is pretty much the same…. except my husband’s firm do monthly BBQ’s on site 🙂

If you have children how easy was it to enroll them in a new school?

Really easy, once we were sure of the area we wanted to live in and had a rental, we then viewed 3 schools. We picked the one we all liked best and the kids started within 3 days.

How does the education system differ from the UK?

Schools here don’t have SAT’s so they aren’t as pushy as they are in the UK …my kids are much happier at school here.

Have your children settled?

They settled well, even better once they started school.

Has your quality of life improved, if so how?

Financially no ,… But our quality of life has improved in other ways. We do much more as a family unit, we are outside all the time and both our children have a better diet…. they try different food and eat loads of fruit. In the UK I tried so many times to improve their diet, for some reason it is so easy over here, maybe its because they are more active and not stuck in front of the TV.

{mosbanner right}How does the cost of living compare?

2nd hand cars are expensive, other than that we have found it the same maybe slightly cheaper here.

In what way does Australia fit into your long term plans?

Should imagine we’ll grow old here

…..but you never know what life may bring so there’s always that small possibility we may one day go back……but I doubt it 🙂

In retrospect is there anything you would change?

No nothing

Are there any final thoughts you would like to share?

Do lots of research with regards to work and where the works is.

I think that if its always been in your thoughts to migrate, then do it!! it is scary and stressful….it may all go very wrong but you’ve got to give it a go!

…When you get here find the right area for you and then give yourself time to set up your new life …. it won’t happen over night!

Good luck!

© and Sue