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Mattress Fumigation-Canada

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  • People who are moving to Canada and who are shipping their household goods to Canada do not have to fumigate their mattresses.

  • There is some confusion about this because the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has a web page that states that used or second hand mattresses that are being imported to Canada have to be fumigated.

  • However, that CBSA web page also states that the regulation about fumigation is applicable to used and second hand mattresses, other than mattresses imported under tariff item Nos. 9806.00.00, 9807.00.00, 9808.00.00, 9809.00.00 or 9810.00.00.
    • Tariff No. 9806.00.00 concerns bequests.
    • Tariff No. 9807.00.00 concerns Settlers' Effects.
    • Tariff No. 9808.00.00 concerns diplomatic and consular personnel.
    • Tariff No. 9809.00.00 concerns the Governor General.
    • Tariff No. 9810.00.00 concerns military equipment.

  • The operative words are, "other than."

  • In other words, second hand mattresses that are imported into Canada have to be fumigated, but there is an exemption for used mattresses that form part of a settler's effects (personal possessions).

  • We've seen a report on the forum by an expat who was told by a CBSA officer at her port of entry that she would not be allowed to take delivery of her used mattresses when her shipment arrived. We advised her to question that decision when she got her shipment cleared and, if necessary, to refer CBSA personnel to the regulation about mattress fumigation, which states that items imported under Tariff No. 9807.00.00 (which concerns Settlers' Effects) are exempt. A phone call that one of us made to CBSA confirmed that that was the most effective remedy.

  • For more information about importing your household effects and personal possessions to Canada, please see the Wiki article called Goods To Follow.

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