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KSA Visa Info

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[edit] What You Need

Here's a rough list of things you'll need to apply for a Working Visa in the Kingdom.

-- DISCLAIMER: You'll need a Visa Agent (see Miscellaneous Information for contacts) who can give you a more accurate list --

- Original passport valid for at least two years
- An application form for the Saudi Embassy
- Two passport sized photos
- Visa authorisation number issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign affairs (this is provided by the company in Saudi)
- Letter of the sponsorship from the Saudi company addressed to the Embassy and stamped by a Saudi Chamber of commerce (this is provided by the company in Saudi)
- Original and copy of the work contract signed by both parties – company in Saudi Arabia and applicant (the arabic translation is the only version that counts)
- Original Medical report form signed by your GP and stamped on the back by the medical board in your state (of the Foreign Office in the UK)
- Original and copy of your degree/diploma, work experience or CV (just the ones relevant to your role)

The Saudi Embassy in different countries have different requirements. In Australia and the US you will also need the following;
- Police record to be submitted with the visa application

[edit] How Long Does it Take?

Be prepared for the process to take some time. Various experiences have ranged from 3 to 6+ months due to the nature of first getting your contract sorted by your company in Saudi, then getting the relevant paperwork together in your home country.

Always check with your visa agent for times, but expect it to take a while.

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