Wishing to retire in Spain

  • Good evening from a newcomer. Looking forward to settle in Spain when retired. BE appears to be the right place to be informed, and the moderators seem to do a great job. Would certainly appreciate if you could kindly advise about some threads I'd better follow on legal and fiscal issues. Thank you in advance, and cheers.
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    Welcome to BE.

    I suggest you wander over to our Spain forums and open a new thread. Our members that actually live in Spain will be in a better position to help you than the people who hang out in this forum.

    Spain - British Expats

    Good luck.
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    Good Afternoon and welcome to BE

    Hmmm what a lovely goal to have ... retirement in Spain. To help you with the many questions you have regarding the logistics of doing so, may I suggest that you ask your questions and participate in our Spanish forum located here: Spain - British Expats

    The many Brits who have done what you are hoping to do will be happy to assist you in making your dream a reality.

    Before posting, would you mind much having a quick read of the site rules located on the link on the beige header above. It would very much appreciated.

    Good luck with your move.