Moving to Vancouver from the UK

  • Hi, I'm new here! Moving to Vancouver from Brighton, Uk in January with husbands work.
    House gets packed up in two weeks. Feeling very nervous and wondered if there was anyone else who has already done a similar move and can offer advice.
    I have three young kids, a five yr old, yr old and one yr old.
    Looking for good areas to live on north shore, good school recommendations and advice on how to meet friends for me and the kids.
    Thanks in advance
  • Re: Moving to Vancouver from the UK
    Hi and welcome to BE and thanks for introducing yourself.

    We've a wonderful Canadian forum for our members and those who have moved there will be happy to assist you in your endeavor to successfully emigrate to BC. You can find the forum here: Canada - British Expats

    Please have a read of the site rules linked on the beige header above at some point to familiarize yourself with the short list of rules designed to make our forums friendly.

    Good luck to you.