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    Quote: We got here 9 months ago and are experiencing the credit rating issues. We transferred our AMEX card and got the $10k limit and also got a secured credit card from BOA. Apparently you need 3 lines of credit to be able to get mortgages etc. ALso, remember that the credit agencies check up on your accounts once a month and if you have gone over half of your credit limit on your cards, you are thought to be over stretching yourself and looks bad on your credit report. It sounds crazy but it's true!

    We managed to get a mortgage through a broker suggested by our realtor. He has been able to use our international credit rating to get us a mortgage so explore all avenues, don't give up!
    Thanks Welsh_girl...

    Had you had your AMEX card for more than the stated 12 months in the UK before you transferred it?

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    My husband got it around 9 months before we came over here - around the time they started talking about transferring him. We had to wait for 3 months so that we had 12 months of UK Amex before we could apply for the US one. It was pretty painless and they were fine about giving one to me as well.

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    It was different for us but maybe they have changed the rules. We only had our Amex cards for 4 months before moving over and had only made one transaction on it. When we got here we did the global transfer and got cards right away with a $5K limit. Just called them at the weekend to ask for an increase in our limit (bear in mind this is almost 2 years later) and increased to $15K via their automated system (that offered us $25K) - didn't even speak to a person. Robot lady said the credit would be available in 15 minutes and true to her word I checked online 15 minutes later and there it was .