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Default Naiyang Phuket

I am a 41 year old man. I have been told I look young for my age. I am half Kiwi and half English. I was brought up in the Hampshire area of the South East of England. Since I was 18 years old I have lived in London, Winchester, Auckland New Zealand, Sydney Australia and Totnes in South Devon. I am currently living by the sea in Looe in South Cornwall. I have a very mild learning difficultly so I struggle a bit in life with trying to hold down work and make friends and find a girlfriend. I am very very lucky as my Dad came into some money and bought me a small house in Hampshire. I rent it out now and I am currently living off the rent money.
I would love to move back to Australia but it's to far away. I have been to Phuket 3 times and each time I have spent a bit of time in Naiyang. I am thinking of moving out to live there but only for a few months of the year. Maybe January till May time and the rest of the year living in the UK or in my families holiday home in Spain. I love the hot sunny weather and not really a big fan of cold winter weather. I lived in Naiyang this year in January and February and made friends with a few expats. I no longer drink alcohol or smoke or do drugs. But I still like to hang out with friends in the pub. So as Naiyang is quiet and laid back it suits me well.
Then in March I went to the Philippines to Manila for a visa run and got a Filipina girlfriend. I found it much easier to find a girlfriend out there than in Phuket. So was also thinking about maybe living in Boracay or Cebu Island or Alona Beach. My relationship will have to come to an end soon as she is from Manila and has a good job with Citi bank and has 2 teenage boys to support and I hate Manila and Maila is the only place in Philippines I have been to. I believe Phuket is much safer than Philippines.
Any ideas on what the best thing to do is?

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Default Re: Naiyang Phuket

And what do you want to do in Phuket?
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