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Default Re: uk citizen marriage to barbados citizen.

Be prepared for a long wait....If you are applying from Barbados you will need to be able to prove you can support yourselves financially in the UK as he will not be entitled to any social funding eg if he is unable to find employment he will not be able to claim JSA so you will need to be able to prove you can support him until he finds employment which is not easy at the moment.

Even if you are married it does not make any difference to the length of time you will have to wait. Ours took about 8 months as it was initially declined but we got a justice of the peace to support our application which helped

I am from the UK and I met my husband in Barbados. After we married it took 3 months for the paperwork to be considered and then on the first application it was refused as the authorities will do their utmost to find a reason NOT to approve a settlement visa

Check this link as it gives most of the info you will need to make your application.....and be ready to pay approximately £1000 for the pleasure!!

Having said this...their are many of us that have not been deterred and upon our second application we did finally get the visa for an initial 2 year period.

getting married in Barbados is quite straightforward.... you just need a couple of witnesses and pay a fee to the local magistrates court to apply for a licence

Good luck.....I guess the plus side is...It's a long process but probably easier than getting a settlement visa for Barbados! That takes forever

If you need any other info let me know...I have a very thick file!!!
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