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Default Re: South Africa – would we be silly ?

Originally Posted by ededed View Post
This situation has been created by management taking too high salary increases and the union have smelt blood - and are demanding increases that will bankrupt the company. A typically African mentality, I'm afraid.

I read the earlier post about a 13 year old being unable to ride a bike - this made me laugh so hard I almost popped a lung. Utter tosh, sorry to say. My daughter is 6 and she can pull wheelies.

90% of murder, rape and serious crime takes place in the townships. Check out the FCO website and they paint a pretty accurate picture of life in SA. You won't read about daily murders in English press because the people typically being murdered aren't English, or middle-class white folk. When someone who fits this profile is killed, it makes front page news. We are seeing a higher than usual capture rate of these people too which is reasurring, but more needs to be done to prevent it from happening in the first place.

FIFA (despite their desire to the contrary) certainly can't impose a media ban, especially a media so desperate to prove their warnings of doom to be correct.

Here is the FCO link...
At the risk of this thread getting into the typical South Africa "debate" - 2 things

1, It is the 10% crime that concerns me (the balance of the 90%)

2. Higher than usual - sorry again but this starts to sound like - yes but statistics.

Thanks for the input but I am one these - show me the money don't dazzle me with stats people. I guess living in the UK and having stats to tell us how great things are (were ) meantime the REAL situation is that we were / are gazillions in debt.

Besides - statistics told everybody how great the English team were when in real terms they are overpaid, highly egotistical, non-performers.

Hope you are enjoying the cup.
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