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Post NZ Tax Resident / UK Ltd Company / TAX ?!?!

Hi There,

Sorry if this has been covered before. I saw one post but it was from some time ago and I know tax laws change, so was wondering if anyone has more recent knowledge of this.

I returned from the UK last year but the company I contracted to, out of my UK Ltd company wanted to keep me working for them all be it supporting Asia Pac Business Unit and timezone as they had a opening there.

We looked into them playing me locally but for what ever reason that was not possible (internal policies I think as they don't have a NZ presence). The only way I could make it work was with them continuing to pay me via the contracting agency into my UK Ltd Company.

I have phoned IRD and they have told me its fine, just to pay tax in NZ on my personal income via IR3 form. Then UK ltd company should pay corp tax in the UK.

I have phoned HMRC who told me the same, I have been issued with a No TAX code in the UK, but the company should still pay its taxes there.

So this year I have been plodding along paying myself a small salary just enough to cover expenses due to exchange rate being terrible.

My issue now though.. is that I also have read that as the sole director/share holder this can mean the company also becomes tax resident in NZ not the UK? Is anyone out there doing the same as me ? Working for their own UK Ltd Company but based in NZ? Is it best to just take all the money from the company as Salary and pay the tax on it in NZ?

Thought I would try here before searching for an accountant but it may be my only option.
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