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Hi folks,

I'm after a bit of advice please. My partner and I are looking to relocate from UK to Bulgaria with our 3 kids aged 17, 14 and 6. Reasons for Bulgaria is obviously cost of property living costs. The plan is to buy a run down property with some land, renovate it, have a small orchard and allotment for fruit and veg and have some chickens and goats for eggs and milk. We are looking to live in a village but close to a town for things like schools, entertainment for the older kids etc. We are looking at villages close to targavishte and also veliko tarnovo. This is completely new to us, we don't speak Bulgarian but I'm sure we will learn while over there. I do have a few (alot) of questions that I'm hoping some of you that have made the transition may be able to answer..here goes..
•Over here we have council tax as an added bill to a property..if we buy outright in Bulgaria apart from the usual electric, water bill etc.are there any added property charges?
•what are the car charges over there..obviously we have MOT yearly, car tax and insurance?
• can we buy and drive a car over there on our British license? Would you recommend driving our own cars over or buying there?
• i understand healthcare is charged over there, is it best to take out medical insurance over there?
• what happens to household refuse over there..do they have binmen?
• are the villages hooked up to a sewage system for toilets etc...if not then whats the options for waste?
• does anyone have any knowledge of Targavishte or veliko tornovo...do they have fast food places like Mcds, KFC (kids question), supermarkets where i can do weekly shop with hopefully some brands i may recognise etc?
• are there any English speaking schools in those towns and is education free or will we need to pay for schooling?

Any advice welcomed especially if you have relocated with children in tow.

Thanks for reading xx
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