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  • Has anyone flown a young kitten [old enough] to the caribbean from the uk? I can get a direct ba flight - my question is - approx what does it cost? Is the kitten in box allowed to be in the cabin with me? Who is reputable to organise it? I saw something suggesting it would be easier to fly out of paris as the rules were much relaxed.

    NB it is actually as yet unborn but will be a young f2 savannah [serval cross] which is legal - and is normal kitten sized at that age... I have concerns about having smallish cats on a caribbean island with a lot of dogs and birds of prey. Vet services are excellent, we have a veternary college.
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    You can't fly with an animal in the cabin out of the UK. Full stop, except for guide dogs and similar animals.

    Budget about $2k for a place in the hold, and be pleasantly surprised if it is much less. I don't know about the cost for in-cabin travel out of France or Germany.

    You might want to repost this question in the US forum as the transport of pets in the same general direction as you is a fairly frequently asked question, or at least search the US forum for pet travel questions.

    Certainly in the US birds of prey will take small and even medium-sized cats given the opportunity, and obviously kittens and young cats. Depending on the size of your property, the number of trees you have, and the size of native predatory birds, you might consider putting in some poles in the open areas to discourage large birds. It is a fairly common practice in coastal areas of the Netherlands to see numerous posts that look like clothes-line poles, placed across the garden to discourage storks from landing.
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    Thanks, i'l do that. A grown male savannah is 20-25 inches tall at the shoulder, they are territorial so will keep other animals out, the birds of prey wont bother a grown one, and by reputation they wont have a problem with local dogs, but are still too small to take on a big goat, so i think its reasonably safe all round.
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    The americans fly with loads of dogs and cats into/out of Gda - mainly vet students - they have the concept of an animal being an emotional support to the passenger in the cabin - and i hear while airlines limit numbers per flight, they have to accept such a statement.
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