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John Henry
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I want to emmigrate to NZ, where do I begin?
Thanks in advance
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Try this excerpt from the FAQ


Part 1 Migration and the process

Question: Where can I find info on migration to New Zealand?


Question: Where can I find info on assessment of skills and qualifications for
migration to New Zealand?


Question: Where can I find info on citizenship?


Part 2 General info - weather, tourism etc

Question: Where can I find general info on New Zealand?

http://purenz.com http://www.vnz.co.nz/home.htm http://www.kiwinewz.com/index.htm
http://url.co.nz/nzl.html http://www.discover.co.nz http://www.aaguides.co.nz/index
http://www.govt.nz http://www.nztb.govt.nz http://www.lincoln.ac.nz/libr/nz

Specific info on some regions: Auckland http://www.akcity.govt.nz or
http://www.auckland.tourism.co.nz Wellington http://www.wcc.govt.nz/discwell Bay of
Plenty http://nz.com/rotorua/attratct/index Canterbury/Christchurch

On indigenous New Zealanders (Maori) http://www.maori.org.nz

Question: Where can I find info on climate and weather?

http://www.metservice.co.nz/forecasts/index.asp For general searches, try
http://www.searchnz.co.nz and http://www.nzexplorer.co.nz

Part 3 What can I bring?

Question: Where can I find info on taking my cat/dog to New Zealand?


Part 4 Daily life - money, taxes, insurance, cost of living

Question: Where can I find a list of banks in Australia & New Zealand:


Question: How much is a New Zealand dollar?

http://www.x-rates.com (no it's not what you think...)

Part 5 Finding a job via jobsearch sites, newspapersites

Question: What jobsearchsites are there?

http://www.seek.co.nz http://www.jobs.co.nz/NZjobs.html http://www.careers.co.nz
http://www.jobnetnz.co.nz http://www.monster.co.nz

Question: Where can I find links to newspapers and current affairs?

http://www.evpost.co.nz http://www.press.co.nz http://home.nzcity.co.nz/news

Part 6 Miscellaneaous

To look up phonenumbers


You will find some auckland links listed at


Some New Zealand Internet Service Providers http://www.voyager.co.nz
http://www.iprolink.co.nz http://www.actrix.co.nz http://www.iconz.co.nz
http://www.paradise.net.nz http://www.clear.net.nz http://www.xtra.co.nz

Comments or additions ? Mail us!

[email protected] (I am not a migration specialist, please contact me for
questions or remarks about this FAQ only, and post questions about migration to the
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