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    I know this thread will be moved but I would like to share my worst customer experience with City Ford Melbourne.They have a large car
    car showroom selling new and used cars at the corner of Elizabeth Street and Royal Parade near Melbourne CBD.

    In used and new car sections this dealer sells FORD CARS extremely over priced and absolutely no value to customer.

    The used car section,customer services,finance section and repairs/service section is a complete ripp off.The customer services
    is no assistance and I feel no value by purchasing car from them.

    The cars are extremely excessively over priced with no service.For the best service, I bought Ford extended factory warrantty service.

    But this service doesn't cover anything, all RWC certificates and all service maintenance is owners responsibility and this Ford extended
    warrantty does absolutely nothing.Ford extended factory warrantty service is a ripp off and it doesn't include anything.This warrantty service is over priced and there are no repairs or services offered/covered in this extended car warrantty.

    As Ford customer,I have faced lots of financial loss, troubles, problems, pathetic service,worst customer services, no repairs, no parts,RWC problems etc. I want to suggest and advise everybody to please be careful and beware. It was the worst experience of my life from City Ford Melbourne I personally will never buy FORD Brand in my life.

    I have to agree. My Focus went in to City Ford one Friday 5 weeks ago. Transmission Failure and car would not come out of second gear. A week later I collect the car but within 30 yards of the garage I find that the problem has not been fixed at all - they chose to ignore my advice that the car had a warning message saying TRANSMISSION FAILURE.

    Back to the garage, and I wait for another week. I then get a call the following Thursday saying the car is ready. I return hire car and wander up to garage only to find that it's not ready ! They deny ever calling me buy eventually relent and admit that the call was telling me the car was ready last week - they'd implemented a new system which was having "teething problems".

    I wait another week and eventually get it back. 3 weeks to fix a basic problem. And guess what, the car still isn't right.

    My experience with Jefferson Ford, Nepean Highway is not much better though - they've been equally crap.
    I used to be a manager in a main dealers in the UK, not Ford I might add.

    The normal used car warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. It only covers 'mechanical failure' no wear and tear or service items. So basically something actually has to break or fail to be covered and then hope and pray that you have not missed any scheduled service or they will throw it out.

    Just to add to the dealer list of shame. Jeff Wignall at Mornington arn't that much better. My BIL has had no end of trouble with them. last week I went in there to inspect a damaged ute and it was all I could do to stop myself grabbing the arrogant kid who was a so called service adviser!

    I have forgot more about cars than he has ever known

    For once a thread with meaning and dear I say it use

    New immigrants are well worth the warning to avoid inner city dealerships - we had terrible service with Toyota dealership near this ford on Elizabeth street.

    Dealers in outskirts supply much better service - inner city live on the people thinking its more convenient to drop off car near work during the week.