• Came across this while lurking on the internet. It's been touched on in the Brexit thread already but is buried among thousands of posts.

    They advocate trade ties and free movement between Australia, NZ, Canada and UK. Interesting proposal which would certainly make the dream of emigrating a lot easier for everyone.

    Not sure about the rules for posting a links on this forum but they have a website with various news articles on the subject, one of which has a video of an Australian senator advocating free movement.

    Anyone think this is likely to actually happen? I don't think it would be a bad thing at all.
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    It has been talked about for years but I cant see it happening. In fact the current fashion in Oz and UK is to make immigration harder and tighter
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    Not a new proposal, but it has no legs because the question (as always) is who benefits. For economic motivations, movement is likely to be largely one-way from the UK and New Zealand to Australia and Canada. Australia and New Zealand already have free movement and 15% of all New Zealand Citizens live in Australia.

    So I can't see Australia and Canada ever agreeing to something like this in the mid-term.
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    Valid points, never know though there may still be something comes out of a post Brexit deal.
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    A blanket freedom of movement deal a la the EU/EEA arrangement is not going to happen but it is much more likely that some kind of immigration preference will be part of any FTA the UK signs with the other CANZUK countries after Brexit.