Best base in Brisbane

  • Hello folks,

    My partner and I are heading to Brisbane after Christmas on a WHV. After much debate and discussion we have decided Brisbane is where we would like to hit first, for at least 6 out of the 12 months. I am a secondary school teacher, and OH works in warehousing/stock control/retail, although trained in Sports Mgmt?! lol Ideally he would be looking to go into football coaching (youth), but will do other jobs if coaching is not possible - he's said he'd have no problem doing fruit picking - I told him to give me a shout when he gets back

    I have gotten all the info from teaching agencies with regard to documents need to teach etc etc. I wondered if anyone could recommend an area in Brisbane that would have good access to potential employment, transport links and some decent cafes, shops & restaurants. Would love to be near to the coast although I understand I can't have everything

    Any opinions would be great!

    Cheers SR