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    Quote: Yes it really is a big relief to see the back of it!!! My application (136 modl nurse) went on Friday 6th so hoping it is safely in oz by now!

    Caroline noticed you are from Yorkshire where abouts? Im a practice nurse in Barnsley hoping to head for Adelaide.

    Are you planning to be a practice nurse in Oz? I am a Community Matron but gather nursing is somewhat different over there!
    Sorry Caroline & Susan, have just read through the thread properly & caught up!
    My concern about going to Oz is that I have a huge amount of autonomy at the moment & just don't think it will be so there. But, I am not going for career rather benefits for family as a whole.
    very interested that each of you is headed to the two areas we are struggling to choose between. main concern re Perth is housing prices, availability etc, so are looking at Bunbury a bit further South.
    OH would prefer WA as hotter! I just wish there was an area where there were no spiders!!!!!
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    Hi Sally, Mmm yes, i think we all have the same fears re the amount of autonomy we have now and what we will get in Oz. I really do think its different in Oz re how much we can lead. But I guess until we go and actually do it its all speculation. I wish I could go out for six weeks or so and have some work experience to get a taster of it all. I am too really nervous re going through the whole job search and interview process again, it will be character building to say the least. Totaly out of comfort zones!! I have a work colleague who is a community matron, we trained together actually and still keep in touch, she is going with her family to Canada and has the same fears.

    Susan the reason we decided to go, well there are lots really no one biggy. I could list loads but the main ones are better quality of life for the boys, out door living, more time with the boys, the weather has to be a factor, especially this year!!! I work full time, liam has his own business and works around the clock, when we are together we are that knacked we grunt at each other and hope for bed time so we can get the kids out of the way. It really shocks me that I might look back on my kids younger years praying that bed time would hurry up so I could collapse in a heap and fall a sleep!!
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    Sorry for interrupting but i just have to say i can totaly relate to all those reasons you've mentioned. When we live in the UK everythig evolves around work and when you do finaly get home the little one's are so tired from school and playing that you very rarely get more than a couple of hours with them, weekends are spent mostly inside because of the weather and it's just naff. The whole concept of less stress and more time with the family is just going to be soooo good and the sun just makes it all worth while. I do think that most people have the fear of 'will it work out?' but that's natural in my opinion.

    good luck to everyone hope everyone's Visa's come through really quickly
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    Yeah hubby keeps saying 'what if this? what if that?!!' Like I said to him we will never know unless we give it a try, and will always regret it if we dont!!!
    Sound like my OH is same as yours Caroline, he has his own business and is hardly at home, always stressed, phone ringing constantly

    Like me and OH were discussing last night we know its not gonna be the easy way out, gonna oz, and we will still have to work and run round in morning getting to school, and work on time just think the family time is gonna be much improved

    Its just saying bye to the safety net we have around us now - friends, family knowing your way round etc. Does anyone worry they will have no friends in Oz or am I just being daft? its gonna be a big thing starting again I Like a good rattle over a bottle of wine (or two)!!!
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    Hi all,
    We have just sent off our TRA on July 10th, My husband is an Electrician (modl) we will be applying for a 136 visa. We will be heading for Adelaide also. Anyone out there in the same boat as us?.

    Lee and Joanne
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    Hi there Lee and Joanne! As you can see from above, Im planning on moving to Adelaide (with hubby and 2 children) visa application went a week ago

    Whereabouts in Adelaide you looking at?
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    Just a quick reminder about the ExPats Timeline spreadsheets.

    If you would like to be added to the JULY one, email me or send me a private message with the following information.

    Headed to:
    Visa class Applied for (add STNI/MODL/SIR if appropriate):
    Date application sent:
    Are you using an agent:
    Medicals – sent with application/booked:
    Police Checks – sent with application/sent for:

    The spreadsheets can be found here.

    Good luck everyone

    Karen xx
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    Quote: was it signed by Virginia if so its next to mine as ours was delivered yesterday also
    Virginia was a busy girl as she also signed for ours 9th July - fingers crossed for the next few months then
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    Ours was sent off last week by our agent!

    Now the long wait begins!
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    finally got the WA STNI sponsorship approval!!! yippee
    so hopefully still to be july applicants - the visa forms are already with our agent!!
    fingers crossed

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    My OH is hoping to send off his initial application by the 23rd July, he is going through the ADF route. We have gathered all the info they require, just need to tweak his CV. If lucky enough to be selected, we have to go where they send us...... fingers crossed!!!

    Great support forum by the way!!
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    hi folks, havn't wrote in a while, but today is the day. sent off the old cheque for the visa application, so its just a waiting game now. good luck to everyone.
    Brendan,cath & family
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    Our TRA came back last week and we are about to get the bankers draft raised and hopefully the visa will go off next week then the waiting begins, good luck to each and every one of you on here, hope they have a sudden purge and do all of them really quick

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    Hello everyone!!
    Ive just posted my application off today!!
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    Quote: Hello everyone!!
    Ive just posted my application off today!!
    isnt it such a good feeling to see it go well hears to the joys of being patient Good luck