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News & Events
paddy_c is the new Zookeeper champion!
18:57, 4th Apr 2011
George Lombard is the new Mahjong champion!
19:43, 10th Jan 2011
McGoatski is the new Tetris champion!
16:55, 3rd Jan 2010
Alfresco is the new Othello champion!
19:21, 29th Dec 2009
Alfresco is the new Othello champion!
09:19, 15th Dec 2009
Arcade Champions
1st John with 2 awards.
2nd JackTheLad with 2 awards.
3rd ottawa_zhangfan_1995 with 2 awards.
4th paddy_c with 1 awards.
5th Shakmaty with 1 awards.
Latest Scores
Whippet scored 2,195 playing Mahjong.
Whippet scored 2,176 playing Mahjong.
Whippet scored 2,224 playing Mahjong.
Whippet scored 2,199 playing Mahjong.
Whippet scored 2,184 playing Mahjong.
Recent Challenges
Asteroids Shakmaty Vs. JYKelly
150520 - 7550
Curveball DrWho Vs. George Lombard
12470 - 27120
Zookeeper JimAndJane Vs. JaneandJim
15860 - 37210
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