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10:09, Friday 29 June 2007 | Posted in Migration to Oz
Today was estate agent number one.
Having spent ALL day yesterday (until about half ten at night) tidying up the house i finally stopped just 10 mins before the estate agent was due to arrive this morning.  As she was 5 mins early i didnt even have time to sit down!
Never mind.  She looked around, took all the room measurements, we had a discussion about fees and charges (one and a quarter percent, free advertising, no sale no fee, no fee if you take the house off the market - all looked good to me).
I had debated for quite some time about what i was going to say when asked why we were moving but in the end i decided to go with the truth.  I was worried that if potential buyers knew we were going to oz then they would make a stupid offer or try to drop the price at the last moment.  On consideration though i decided just to make it clear that we are not intending to move to oz until next year and that we will be renting until then so we are in no particular hurry to sell.  Just for good measure i also mentioned that if we had any problems selling we would probably just rent the house instead - not what we really want to do but it is a last option and hopefully it will make the ea realise that we would not be accepting a daft offer.

i have started with our local independant estate agent (i actually bought through them 10 years ago) but they have a bit of a reputation locally for undervaluing property.  That meant I was pleasantly surprised when she valued it at about price we were thinking of marketing at.  I had expected her valuation to be at least 5k less.  Of course now i cant help speculating that we might get more than we thought!  The danger always is though that you start to get greedy and end up with a higher asking price and no viewers.  Need to remember to keep it realistic.
Anyway we have two more estate agents coming in next week so we will see what they say.

Tiggs x

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