Monday 11 December 2017 - Motorhome / RV - land business idea

I am considering moving 5x large fifth wheel RV units from my campsite in the UK to a plot of land in the Algarve. The idea would be to expand the UK business overseas and provide 8 months RV family or couples accommodation during the tourist season. The plot of land could also be used to offer motorhomes access to facilities and a private plot during this seasonal period. After the summer season had ended I would move the fifth wheel RV’s into a secure compound and store the units for 4 months and close the plot / business for winter (all staff of the business would leave Portugal and return the following year). The local Portuguese Camara do not appear to allow any form of motorhome, RV or caravan to sit on a parcel of land on a permanent basis (unless for a temporary period of time during any renovation building work etc.) which is fair enough but I wondered whether anyone has setup a similar seasonal business that offers tourists and motorhomes a flexible alternative to hotel and self-catering apartments and if so I would welcome the opportunity to talk more. Idea: 5x RV Keystone Montana High Country fifth wheel camper units with a plot of land to perhaps also support 20 luxury motorhome bays / 8 months of the year / entire setup would only require mains access to water (RV units run on solar and LPG gas) the motorhome plots for 1st year would be similar setup to a European Aires site (water, waste etc.) if successful then the second year would include electricity for Motorhomes but this would run entirely on solar solution (no requirement for electric mains) Portuguese Camara: planning consent for any permanent structure appears difficult to obtain, setting up a new campsite again appears difficult due to strict regulations, the motorhome industry has exploded in recent years but Portugal - quoting recent press releases http://theportugalnews.com/news/campsites-demand-end-to-illegal-motorhoming/41641 seem to be struggling to embrace this new breed of tourist and after speaking to one senior Government official in September 2017 there does not appear to be an immediate appetite to support this growing market thus Portugal still remain focused on targeting Europeans via package holidays, hotels, self-catering accommodation etc. I just wanted to throw this idea out there. I may even decide to target a different EU country! I look forward to receiving your comments

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