Tuesday 3 October 2017
Luxury tourism tips in Barcelona
Barcelona is a very important city in Spain that receives millions of tourists every year. Gaudí's architectural work, the Port of Barcelona, traditional food and the sympathy of its inhabitants are the perfect ingredients for a successful combination. In addition, the city tops the top ten cities ideal for world luxury tourism.   The city has become an international meeting point for luxury tourism, especially in recent years. Today I explain some tips on luxury tourism that you have to know to visit Barcelona.  

1. Buy in the most luxurious streets

  Every city of luxury tourism has some streets with luxury shops (Gucci, Chanel, Cartier, Rolex). In these streets are the luxury travelers and it is necessary to be present in them to be part of the mechanics of luxury. In the case of Barcelona, the Passeig de Gracia is the main street of luxury shops, although there are also more modest shops.  

2. Going on a yacht

  If something is recognized luxury is for everything that shows other people. Strolling through the port of Barcelona is quite a spectacle: numerous yachts, increasingly large, are stranded in the port waiting for their owner and friends to decide to take a stroll along the Catalan coast. If you come to Barcelona, meeting someone who gives you a yacht ride is very important in luxury tourism.  

3. The accommodation

  Obviously, staying in a hostel with a shared room for 20 people is not luxury tourism. Luxury is to splurge and look like, so luxury tourism accommodation are luxury hotels or the famous luxury apartments Barcelona, known for housing luxury personalities in a quiet and city center.  

4. Nightlife

  Glamorous restaurants, successful cocktail bars, internationally renowned nightclubs, clandestine terraces, unforgettable nights with escorts in Barcelona... nightlife for luxury tourism consists of enjoying a lot without being seen. During the day, you can flaunt everything you want but at night, better to have parties underground to avoid the presence of unpleasant people.
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Friday 22 September 2017
Why Study Spanish in Barcelona?
Studying the language of Cervantes is always a good option and it is better if you do it in a city as amazing as Barcelona. There are many reasons why we prefer learn Spanish in Barcelona, but here we want to expose only the most important.

1. The influence in the world

  Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, behind English and Mandarin Chinese. It is spoken in Spain, the Caribbean Islands (Cuba and Puerto Rico), the Dominican Republic, North America (Mexico), Central America (Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama) and South America (Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador). Spanish is also the second most spoken language in the United States.

2. The extensive Hispanic culture

  Studying Spanish will help you enjoy the work of masters of literature, film, and culture. The works of Garcilaso, Quevedo, Bécquer, Cervantes, García Márquez, Allende or Neruda, as well as Almodóvar, Saura or Médem can only be appreciated in their original language in all their extension. And more and more, the film and television industry is more important, with actors such as Benicio del Toro or Antonio Bandera, or directors like Alejandro González Iñarritu, Alfonso Cuarón or Pedro Almodóvar, singers like Ricky Martín, Pablo Alborán or Jennifer Lopez and many more . An increasingly global and influential language in the arts and culture.

3. By tourism

  If you are visiting Barcelona for vacation, work or study reasons, speaking Spanish will help you a lot. Studying Spanish will open many doors to a professional level, so there are many jobs where this can be a fundamental factor. Even more, in Barcelona there are hundreds of museums, ancient architecture, vestiges of many cultures and you can tour places for hours breathing a culture without even. Thus, studying Spanish while on vacation is also a very good option to make the most of your stay in the country of your choice.
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Friday 22 September 2017
Keys to increasing the value of housing

Keys to increasing the value of housing

    Being careful and maintaining a good home helps ensure that it does not lose much value. Renting a second hand property, for sale or rent, is easier if it has a current image and is in good condition. But what do you do to get the most out of the house? Take notes of the advices given by a luxury real estate in Barcelona.  

First steps

The first thing to do before starting to make reforms is to list the shortcomings, weaknesses and strengths of housing. In this way, it will be much easier to see what needs to be reformed, improved and enhanced. Knowing what the characteristics of the most demanded houses in the area (large floors of many rooms, studios for singles ...) will also help in revaluing the price of the property. When it comes to any reform or renovation, it is important to think about the effect it will have on the appraisal value of the house and avoid all those that will not make up much of the expense. A starting point can be the rehabilitation aid offered by the different autonomous communities for works that improve energy efficiency or the adaptability of housing.  


- Add or remove bedrooms: depending on whether the house is very large or very small, you can choose to remove rooms or add them. The important thing, in this case, is to be clear that it is what is most demanded in the area. - Add or remove bathrooms: creating a new bathroom is an expensive renovation, but if you have room, it is always a wise decision. If, on the contrary, you have several bathrooms and are not necessary or are too small, it is preferable to get rid of one of them and give that space to another room of the house. - Remove unnecessary partitions or pillars: these are works that require an architect because any modification of a structural element must be calculated correctly to avoid future problems, and major work permits, but it is a reform that can help Gain lots of space. - Enclosures: changing doors and windows for ones that offer greater insulation, thermal and acoustic, is to make the house more efficient, increasing the chances of success with the sale or rent. At this point it is advisable to consult with the aids to the energetic improvement of the house.   - Built-in wardrobes: Creating spaces for storage by taking advantage of dead corners can be a great success and a more demanding when selling or renting the house.  


- Kitchen: the kitchen is one of the most important spaces of the house so it is imperative that it is in very good condition. This does not have to mean investing a lot of money, but sometimes, it is convenient to renew elements such as the floor, tiles or furniture. A layer of new paint or vinyl papers along with new handles and complements may suffice. If, in addition, new appliances, efficient and of the same color are placed, it can be very easy to convince the possible buyer. - Bathrooms: As with the kitchen, it is an easily renewable space. If it is not strictly necessary, it is not necessary to change the toilets, cleaning them and putting new ones will suffice. In addition, paint the tiles, change or paint the cabinet under the sink, replace the bathtub by a handy shower, put a screen or renovate the curtains, change the showerhead or new shower knob, a handy radiator towel rail and replace the taps and mirror Are small changes that can improve the bath considerably. - Doors: if the origin is not badly damaged, you can choose to coat them or simply clean them and change the handle to give them a fresh air. - Floors: today there are many options to renovate the floor, from imitation wood or stoneware vinyl, to the parquet or click dry ceramic. If the home has well-maintained quality floors, the best option is to polish or stab them, as appropriate.  


- Painting: for sale, it is important that the walls of the house are free of chips, stains or moisture. When it comes to painting, it is best to choose neutral colors that bring luminosity and enlarge the space. - Furniture: it is important to create an image of amplitude and luminosity, for that reason, it is necessary to be careful not to overfill the furniture space. It is time to get rid of furniture in poor condition or in disuse. The best thing is to decorate with light furniture, combined with some vintage piece that brings warmth. - Lighting: the amount of light in the house can decide the sale or rent, so it is essential to have a correct lighting. The first thing is to take full advantage of the natural light that enters through the windows and then bet on the lamp and bulb suitable for each corner, according to the tasks to be performed on it. A simple way to improve lighting is to change the bulbs to brighter and greener ones.   - Exteriors: if you have a garden or terrace is essential to know how to take advantage of them. In the case of the garden, having the lawn arranged and the plants in perfect condition will suffice, but if you want to exploit more, you can hire a small landscaping project. As for the terrace, carefully furnished furniture and finishes in good condition will suffice.

Additional features

- Home automation packages: you do not have to spend a lot of money to have a more efficient and safe house. A small package of domotics with presence detectors or electric blinds will be enough to increase the value of the house. - Accessibility: As important aspects as accessibility or adaptive elements can be a reason to sell / rent or not.
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