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• Saturday 10 September 2011 - Tomato Disaster in Atlantic Canada

After Irene smashed the Tomato plants and the Squah plant about we have suffered another downfall. Woe is me, all of my tomato plants have bit the dust (so to speak). Tomato Blight struck a week ago and the plants quickly went down hill (as plants can do). I think we had tasted about three ripe ones, before the plague struck. Apparently there is a lot of it about this year (dampness and splashing dirt up while watering keeps the lower leaves moist giving ideal conditions for Blight!


Oh well the cucumbers are growing like crazy (no flowers yet I was very late planting them). I have three Spaghetti Squashes which look like this:

and apparently when cooked taste like...... Yes you guessed it Spaghetti, here is a recipe we will be sampling from. The Leeks are nearly ready to harvest and the brussel sprouts probably won't reach maturity (they need more sunlight) because we are getting our first frost tonight and they are very small.


We are recovering from watching England just beat Argentina in the Rugby World Cup 2011 (phew it was a close call). For those of you here in Canada TSN2 (channel 105 on Rogers) look like it is showing most of the games (unlike Setanta which have none). So enjoy and I suggest you get some sort of recording device unless you dont mind getting up at 3 or 4am to watch your rugby.


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• Saturday 10 September 2011 - Arghhhhhhhhhhhh

Posted by AmyDavid
I have been avoiding the Rugby Score ALL day and then I read your latest post and BAM...sob sob..lol xx
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• Tuesday 13 December 2011 - Untitled Comment

Posted by rosemary74
watching rugby against argentina is more thrilling..love to see it by eating tomato :)

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